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There is a complete dearth of Dark Future websites out there, ones with any actual information that is. Here's what I've found:

Games Workshop Limited
The makers of Dark Future, although sadly no articles for it exist on their website.

Black Flame
Publishing and revising the Dark Future novels. Go buy them!

Seattle Washington Autoduel Team
For all your autocombat needs.

Exodite's White Dwarf Index

Stan Johansen Minuatures
20mm Road Warriors ideal for use with (and same scale as) Dark Future.

Mark Copplestone's Future Wars
Slightly larger than standard 20mm Dark Future figures, but has a large range of figures all completely suitable for the game.

Fantasy Flight Games
The makers of Horizon: Redline which is the basis for the role-playing section.

Wizards of the Coast
The creators of the d20 System.

Kim Newman
Kim Newman's web site (he wrote the Demon Download Cycle books as Jack Yeovil).

Road Rage
The creators of Road Rage have written a couple of articles for Dark Future, including Deconstructing Dark Future and Solitaire Highway Duel Strategies.

Thrill Kill Cafe
Wreckage is a new game set in a post-apocalyotic world, created by Dark Future fan Barry Stockinger. The Thrill Kill Cafe is the authors website.

The Travellers
The Travellers, a Space Odyssey, now back and in full colour!
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