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If you're here, the chances are you're not entirely sure what this site is and what it's about. If that's the case, never fear, read on brave road warrior and learn what there is to know if you wish to survive...

Daniel Marks What is Dark Future?
Dark Future is an old game by Games Workshop. Created in 1988, it is set in an alternate reality where America - and indeed the rest of the world - is falling apart. Society is going to ruins, and the natural laws of physics are breaking down. The multicorps rule, technology runs rampant, and Sanctioned Ops patrol the roads and highways tracking down and destroying the renegade scum who live there, outside of the law and doing what they please.

You play the part of a Sanctioned Op - a bounty hunter of the future - or a Renegade, duelling for survival in high-tech vehicles of the present.

Unfortunately, Dark Future is very difficult to find these days. Games Workshop stopped selling it pretty soon after they started, and if you want a copy, your best bet is eBay or somewhere similar. If you're interested in the background, then I can't recommend the Demon Download Cycle by Jack Yeovil highly enough. They are a superb mix of horror, future and dark humour and set the scene wonderfully. Unfortunately, they are also hard to get hold off.

What is Future Highways?
Future Highways is the revamp of my original Dark Future website, possibly the only one actually on the web. I know I'm not the only person who owns the game - I get emails from people about it - but I do appear to be the only person who actually has a website about the game with rules and variants and stuff.

This is an irregularly updated site. Whenever I get an idea, it shall be put up for all the world to see, but you shouldn't expect major updates on a regular basis. In fact, you might even see breaks of a long time before new stuff gets put here. Don't panic though, it's just the way I operate. Instead, updates will probably be in the form of the odd article here and there, although the content of the subject will depend on it's length - with my waffling, some get quite lengthy!

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