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Dark Future was established in 1988, and while the life of the game was fairly short, there were several supplements, articles and books written for it. Here is the complete list as far as I can tell.

Dark Future Products:

Dark Future
White Line Fever
Several figure expansion packs by Citadel Miniatures

Magazine Articles:

White Dwarf 100: Highway Warriors!
A preview of the forthcoming Dark Future game.
White Dwarf 102: Dark Future Release Preview
White Dwarf 103: Illuminations
Review of Carl Critchlow, Thrudd and Dark Future Artist.
White Dwarf 103: 'Eavy Metal
Dark Future themese.
White Dwarf 104: Redd Harvest
Dealing with the famed Sanction Op, Redd Harvest herself.
White Dwarf 104: Thrudd the Barbarian
"I have seen the Future, and it is Dark".
White Dwarf 105: Street Fighter
* An essential article dealing with the ins and outs of fighting outside the car.
White Dwarf 106: A Day at the Races
You like speed? Here we get speed, new car types and equipment for racers.
White Dwarf 107: White Line Fever: Advanced Manoeuvres
The first excerpt from White Line Fever dealing with speed and handling.
White Dwarf 107: Three Wheelers
Rules for Trikes and motorcycle combinations, also from White Line Fever.
White Dwarf 107: 'Eavy Metal
Citadel and diecast conversions.
White Dwarf 108: White Line Fever: Advanced Shooting
The second major excerpt from White Line Fever dealing with shooting, fire arcs and more.
White Dwarf 108: Citadel Minatures
Dark Future Street Warriors
White Dwarf 110: Tournament Rules
Simplified rules for quick play, just a little more advanced than the Starter Rules...
White Dwarf 112: St. Louis Blues
A look at the famed Sanctioned Op group.
White Dwarf 124: Dead Man's Curve, part 1
* Advanced rules for campaigns, weather, darkness, psychosis, salvage, experience.
White Dwarf 125: Dead Man's Curve, part 2
* More advanced rules for success, fame, recruitment, cybernetics, hacking and gamesmasters.
Challenge 52: Sand Cats
A Renegade gang that needs to be hunted down.

* Indicates what I consider to be an essential article.
Thanks to Exodite's White Dwarf Index for filling in the blanks.


Route 666 Anthology Edited by David Pringle, published by Games Workshop (1990)
Demon Download by Jack Yeovil, published by Boxtree Books (1990)
Krokodil Tears by Jack Yeovil, published by Boxtree Books (1991)
Comeback Tour by Jack Yeovil, published by Boxtree Books (1991)
Route 666 by Jack Yeovil, published by Boxtree Books (1993)
Ghost Dancer by Brian Craig, published by Boxtree Books (1991)

Be warned, there are in fact two Route 666 books in the first printing of books. The first is an anthology of short stories and was published by Games Workshop. It contains some characters which would be used in later books. The second is actually a single story continuing the Jack Yeovil saga.
For some information about what could have been with the novels, click here.

Demon Download by Jack Yeovil, reprinted by Black Flame (2005)
Golgotha Run by Dave Stone, published by Black Flame (2005)
American Meat by Stuart Moore, published by Black Flame (2005)
Route 666 by Jack Yeovil, reprinted by Black Flame (2006)
Jade Dragon by James Swallow, published by Black Flame (2006)
Krokodil Tears by Jack Yeovil, reprinted by Black Flame (2006)
Reality Bites by Stuart Moore, published by Black Flame (2006)

The new and reprinted novels are actually updated novels, set in the future rather than the now.
At the moment, I shan't be covering the new timeline, see here for why.

Also be aware of the Dark Future series by Laurence James - these are a completely different set of books that have nothing to do with original Games Workshop Dark Future, and if memory serves, Games Workshop even went to court about the name of the books (and won, I think).

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