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A note on timelines (5k)

With the release of new Dark Future novels and a re-release and update of the older Demon Download Cycle, we now have two timelines for the game. One set in the "now" and the other in the future.

I have decided that while I will be generating a new timeline for the new future setting when all the Demon Download novels have been released, I shan't be converting this website over to the new timeline, preferring to set it firmly in the "now".

So why have I chosen to do this?

Well, it's not because I dislike the new novels or the new setting or anything like that. I love the fact that we're getting new novels - some of them are truly excellent - and I urge everyone to buy them. I'm not updating the site because I like the new "now" better. I understand the future setting, and I understand and support why it's being done, but to me, the setting shouldn't be as recognisable as it is. Events of the past happened with a twist - we know what should have happened so it's interesting to see how things spiralled out of control when JFK wasn't shot, instead being disgraced. There is a clear stage to what is happening now leading on from that. In the new novels, the world to 2005 (at least) is the same as it actually happened and then things start changing - as readers, we already know the past, we're being told the future.

I apologise if this annoys anyone.

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