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October 2009 Edition

Dark Future Cover, 25k

Hello to all new readers of Future Highways, the online magazine devoted to highway warriors of the Dark Future. Inside these pages you'll find information on the Dark Future of today, the Sanctioned Ops who keep the roads safe, the gangs who litter them with trash, the equipment that they use, the whys, the hows, the spills and the thrills.

If you're new to Dark Future or Future Highways, then the Editorial is the place to start. This should give you a few pointers on what's what, and what's going on here.

If you're an old hand, then step right up, insert your credit chip, and find out just what's happening on an interstate near you.


Many Thanks!
As you might have noticed, Future Highways has been down for a while. This is due to continued disruption with present datanet providers. However, due to the generosity of Stig Rudeholm, Future Highways now has a new home for the time being. For being so gracious, we are happy to present Stig with an unlimited supply of chaingun ammunition* and a big thumbs up from the editorial team! Thanks Stig!

Now that Future Highways is back up, expect some updates soon...

+++ STOP PRESS +++
Great news! Games Workshop have posted the combined PDF file of all the Dark Future rules and supplements on their Specialist Games website! Head to http://www.specialist-games.com/, select your country and then select the 'Specialist Games Resources/Out of Print Games'. The download is 26.7 megabytes, so make sure you have time on your hands. Definitely happy or dangerous driving...

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*Limit of 1,000 rounds per year continuing for ten years or until Stig is no longer able to drive or operate heavy weapons.

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