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Everything has to start some somewhere. Everything has to have a middle, and everything needs it's place. If you're wondering where yours is, the editorial staff don't have an answer, but if you want to know what the side menu is about, read on.

Future Highways is divided into several sections, each having a purpose and these are explained below. You can get back to the homepage at anytime by clicking on the top title graphic or the lower side title.

The introduction, the aim of the website, thanks, credits and the bit you're reading now.

Featured Articles:
This is a major section with rules, variants and stuff that doesn't fit in elsewhere. You'll find jetcopters, off-road movement, trucks, androids and rules that apply to more than one section and more.

Under the Hood:
This deals with hardware for vehicles, including weapons, equipment, electronics and more. Unless stated, equipment is available for all vehicles, not just cars - we're not biased here!

On Foot:
All about pedestrians and characters, including rules, gear, character generation, skills, advancement and more. This does include one major revision to the basic rules including the use of CON points to denote damage to the driver.

On the Road:
On the Road discusses the future that is today, with information on the roads, gangs and Ops that may be around your area, and general information that you may find useful when you're around, such as a timeline and cross section on the world of today. It also contains some (unoffical) errata to a few published White Dwarf articles.

Paint Jobs:
Every vehicle needs an identity and here we focus on the vehicles of the viewers. If you have images of your vehicle and it's paint job, then send it in and it could be shown here. We accept submissions from legal and illegal groups.

In addition, if you are wanting to create more road sections or markers, this is the place to come.

The role-playing section for Dark Future based on Horizon: Redline by Fantasy Flight Games. It's still a work in progress, so tread with care, but if you ever want to take a trip outside of your car for real, then here's the place to do so.

Because of the way that the Open Game License works, I shall mainly be posting rules for the role-playing aspect here, things like background and the like will be posted elsewhere on the website.

Here is where you'll be able to find all the downloads that I have on this site. Officially, this currently only includes PDFs of the record sheets at the moment, as it's against the Games Workshop online policy for me to post any of the original White Dwarf articles or Quick Start rules. However, you'll also find other record sheets and downloads by other subscribers.

The links page. Unfortunately, a very short page as there aren't (m)any pages devoted to Dark Future out there, so this takes some liberties with what's actually present.

A collection of all products that were produced for the game, magazine articles and books. Check your collection with this list, which I think is complete.

Email me, let me know what you think and what you would like to see here. Better yet, email me submissions and make this site grow!

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