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HFV Target Matrix (5k)

Use this chart when the target is a humanoid fighting vehicle.

4Weapons: Roll again -

1,2Left Shoulder
3,4Right Shoulder
5Left Body
6Right Body

5Roll again -


1,2Weapons: Roll randomly to determine which one is hit
3Hand or Massive weapon
4,5Arm jammed
6Arm locked
1,2Weapons: Roll randomly to determine which one is hit
3Leg frozen
6Leg Destroyed

Critical Hit Effects:
Unless noted, all critical hit effects are as per cars.

Arm Jam:
The servomotors controlling the arm have been jammed. The arm and any equipment or weapons mounted on it may not be used for the rest of this turn and all the turn. Remember that massive handheld weapons require two arms to be able to be fired.

Arm Locked:
The servomotors controlling the arm have been destroyed, or some of the linkages relaying the arm feedback controls have been damaged. Either way, the arm is no longer able to be used. This also means that all equipment mounted in the arm can no longer be used (although it is not destroyed). Massive handheld weapons will no longer be able to be used.

The various linkages that stabilise the HFV have been damaged. The vehicles handling is reduced by 1 and the vehicle must make an immediate fall check.

The foot unit has been badly damaged, meaning that the HFV now has difficulty walking properly. The handling of the vehicle is reduced by 1.

The hand has been damaged. All physical attacks by that arm are now treated as if it didn't have a hand and it can no longer carry massive handheld weapons.

The hip motors and joints have been damaged. The HFVs top speed is reduced by 5 mph and the acceleration is halved. In addition, the HFV must make an immediate fall check.

Leg Destroyed:
The leg motors have been destroyed. The HFV must make an immediate fall check. If it is still standing, then it can move only by dragging its wounded leg - this reduces the HFV to a maximum speed of 5 mph with an acceleration of 2 mph and a braking of 5 mph. If both legs are destroyed, then the HFV cannot move at all, but if it succeeds in it's fall checks then it doesn't fall over.

Leg Frozen:
The leg motors or the control linkages have been damaged. This means that the HFV suffers an immediate speed loss of 50% and must make a fall check at adverse handling.

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