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There is no such thing as a standard HFV yet, as the machines haven't gotten out of the experimental testing stage no manufacturer has decided to set-up a production line for a vehicle that might go no further. As such, these vehicles may be missing items of equipment that military production lines might have as standard, such as ECM or targeting computers.
[I know the images are from Robotech and aren't properly in scale, but I like 'em! Images taken from various web sources.]

The Battloid is almost a racing HFV, if such a thing were possible or practical. It is light and fast for an HFV. The only weapon it carries is a handheld 25mm chain gun but with two battle fists it can effectively accommodate much more should the need arise.

Classification: Light HFV Weight: 4,230 Cost: $406,000
Speed: 54 mph Acceleration: 20 mph Braking: 13 mph Handling: 6, 7 vs. HE
Occupancy: Pilot.
Weapons: Handheld 25mm chain gun w/ weapon sheath (720 weight).
Systems: 2x battlefists, neural assisted control, 4x engine upgrades, padded cockpit.
Armour: 5 points CP front and each leg, 4 points CP elsewhere.

The Maverick is a support vehicle designed to take out enemy armour from a reasonable distance. As such, the vehicles main weapons are two batteries of four heavy missiles mounted on the arms, which should be more than enough firepower to take out a platoon of enemy vehicles, and various different missile loads mean that the Maverick can be used against air targets in addition to ground targets. Because of this role, the vehicle attempts to be faster than some of the heavier HFVs, although this is still quite slow, and only has a single 25mm chain gun for defence.

Classification: Heavy HFV Weight: 6,170 Cost: $675,000
Speed: 30 mph Acceleration: 8 mph Braking: 8 mph Handling: 3, 6 vs. HE
Occupancy: Pilot.
Weapons: 4x heavy missiles (left arm), 4x heavy missiles (right arm), 25mm chain gun with double load (right shoulder), 2x smoke dispensers (left leg and right leg).
Systems: Armoured cockpit, 2x engine upgrades.
Armour: 6 points MA each location.

The Phalanx is another fire support HFV, this time designed to support general assaults by laying down a localised barrage of explosive, which should be enough to destroy infantry and light vehicles. The Phalanx is pretty much a one shot trick though, as once the rockets are gone the vehicle has no weapons for defence.

Classification: Standard HFV Weight: 4,930 Cost: $345,000
Speed: 44 mph Acceleration: 15 mph Braking: 12 mph Handling: 4, 6 vs. HE
Occupancy: Pilot.
Weapons: 2x heavy rocket pods with double loads and weapon sheaths (left arm and right arm).
Systems: No hands, 2x engine upgrades.
Armour: 5 points CP each location.

The Spartan is more of an engineering vehicle, using its incredibly powerful battle fits to either demolish or help construct fortifications. The rocket pods are more for building busting than for killing the enemy while the autocannon are just for local defence. The units main function is engineering so it's not expected to get into too much trouble on its own. To be able to perform delicate operational feats, the Spartan is equipped with experiment full immersive control for its pilot.

Classification: Standard HFV Weight: 5,780 Cost: $509,000
Speed: 36 mph Acceleration: 11 mph Braking: 10 mph Handling: 6, 10 vs. HE
Occupancy: Pilot.
Weapons: 2x heavy battlefists, 2x rocket pods with double loads (left arm, right arm), 2x 15mm autocannon (left body, right body).
Systems: Armoured and padded cockpit, full immersive control, 2x engine upgrades.
Armour: 5 points MA each location.

This is a true military HFV mounting some seriously heavy firepower and armour. Unfortunately all this weight makes the HFV slow, something that would make a 5 metre-walking vehicle an easy target on the battlefield. However, in an urban or rough terrain environment where there is a lot of cover, such a unit could provide invaluable firepower. Unfortunately getting there would be the issue.

Classification: Heavy HFV Weight: 6,490 Cost: $577,000
Speed: 25 mph Acceleration: 5 mph Braking: 5 mph Handling: 3, 8 vs. HE
Occupancy: Pilot.
Weapons: Missile pod (with HE missiles, right shoulder), 76mm cannon (left arm), 76mm cannon (right arm), 15mm autocannon (left body), 15mm autocannon (right body). The two 76mm cannon are linked, as for the two 15mm autocannon.
Systems: No hands.
Armour: 7 points MA front, back, 6 points MA elsewhere.

The Veritech is an example of what could be a common urban pacification unit in the future. It is solidly armoured to withstand most small arms fire, has battle fists for routing out troublemakers or assisting in rescue operations, and contains six machine guns for providing suppressive fire when needed. Like most HFVs though, the cost is very high, so it is doubtful if (m)any police departments would even think of buying one of these units.

Classification: Standard HFV Weight: 5,635 Cost: $332,000
Speed: 36 mph Acceleration: 11 mph Braking: 10 mph Handling: 4, 6 vs. HE
Occupancy: Pilot.
Weapons: 3x linked machine guns (left arm), 3x linked machine guns (right arm). Both arms are also linked.
Systems: Armoured cockpit, 2x battlefists, 2x engine upgrades.
Armour: 7 points CS front, each arm and each leg. 6 points CS back.

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