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Bigger vehicles with heavier armour require bigger weapons to bring them down. The following is a small list of ex-military equipment that will help you in this task.
All weapons are assumed to come with one magazine of GP rounds (where applicable).

25mm Chain Gun8$40,000600Massive
GP Reload (8 shots)20+3+88$15,000
DU Reload (1 shot)20+3+9 AP1$10,000
50mm Cannon10$40,000600Massive
GP Reload (10 shots)30+1+910$12,000
DU Reload (1 shot)30+1+9 AP1$9,000
HE Reload (1 shot)30+1+8 HE1$2,000
KP Reload (1 shot)40+2+6 KP1$20,000
HEAP Reload (1 shot)30+1+4 HEAP1$9,000
CAN Reload (1 shot)8+4+01$1,000
76mm Cannon8$55,000800Massive
GP Reload (8 shots)35+1+128$18,000
DU Reload (1 shot)35+1+12 AP1$15,000
HE Reload (1 shot)35+1+10 HE1$3,000
KP Reload (1 shot)50+2+9 KP1$25,000
HEAP Reload (1 shot)35+1+6 HEAP1$15,000
CAN Reload (1 shot)8+4+21$1,500
Heavy Missile AP60+3+12 AP1$25,000100Medium
Heavy Missile HE60+3+12 HE1$25,000100Medium
Heavy Missile SAM*+3+12 AP1$25,000100Medium
Laser Cannon45+2+121/turn$35,000500Massive
Needle Laser Cannon45+2+12 AP1/turn$50,000
Auto Laser Cannon45+1+6-$40,000
Pulse Laser Cannon45+3+91/turn$35,000
Auto Pulse Laser Cannon45+3+61/turn$40,000
HE Reload (6 shots)20+0+8 HE6$10,000
Airburst Reload (1 shot)20+1+4 HE6$5,000
Rocket Pod2$10,000300Heavy
HE Reload (2 shots)15+1+2 HE2$3,500
Heavy Rocket Pod4$20,000450Massive
HE Reload (4 shots)20+1+4 HE4$6,000
Smoke Dispenser6$5,00080Lightweight
Smoke Reload (6 shots)6+0NA6$300
Chaff Reload (1 shot)6+0NA1$300
Hot Smoke Reload (1 shot)6+0NA1$250

Double Loading:
The following weapons can be double-loaded for the listed costs and weights (plus cost of the ammunition itself).

    25mm Chain Gun$8,000400
    50mm Cannon$8,000350
    76mm Cannon$10,000500
    Rocket Pod$5,000250
    Heavy Rocket Pod$10,000300

Weapon Notes:

25mm Chain Gun:
This is a larger calibre chain gun firing a larger calibre round at tremendous rates of fire. It is mainly used in light military vehicles.

50mm/76mm Cannon:
Cannon are large, slower loading weapons than autocannon, generally only firing one round per pull of the trigger. However, the much larger calibre shell fired means that the target is going to get a lot more damage coming to them, and the shell is also large enough to come in several varieties.

Cannon can take additional types of ammunition. As well as GP, DU and HE, the following are also available:

Kinetic Penetrator (KP):
A KP round is designed to penetrate armour very easily. It is a small dart shaped round that is fired at a higher muzzle velocity allowing it to pass through most vehicles, although the actual damage inflicted is less than a normal round. Against CS armour, a KP round ignores the armour completely and applies its damage directly against the vehicle.

When fired against CP armour, if the armour value is equal to or less than the weapons damage, then the armour is ignored completely. If the armour value is higher than the damage value then half the armour is applied against the damage. Against MA armour, the armour is applied normally and in full.

High Explosive Armour Piercing (HEAP):
A HEAP shell has an armour-piercing tip and the rest of it is packed with high explosive. This gives the round some armour piercing and high explosive capabilities. When fired against a target, the target is assumed to be hit by an AP round (and takes damage accordingly). Then apply a handling check as if an HE round had hit the target. In addition, being HE the shell has a burst effect.

Canister (CAN):
Canister is a throw back to the past when tank shells were loaded with small metal balls and other fragments making it a giant shotgun useful for killing vast amounts of infantry. Not a lot has changed these days and against pedestrians these shells are still pretty deadly.

Heavy Missiles:
Heavy missiles are simply very large missiles, similar to those fired from vehicle missile pods. They are single shot weapons though, so once fired are gone. They may not be double loaded.

The SAM may only fire at airborne targets, its sensors do not allow the engagement of ground targets. However, when fired at airborne targets within its arc of fire, the SAM may ignore any to-hit modifiers due to target altitude and for flying. While a SAM doesn't have unlimited range, it can effectively reach out and touch any aerial target in play.

Laser Cannon:
The laser cannon is scaled up heavy laser. Like all lasers, the laser cannon may only be fired once per turn but it may accept all normal laser modifications (listed on the table above). Laser cannons may not use Laser Capacitors.

A mortar is a special weapon that doesn't fire a projectile at a target but rather lobs one at an area, over intervening terrain. This makes it an inaccurate weapon for firing at moving targets but ideal for firing at static targets or those behind cover. Mortars come with HE rounds as standard.

The mortar has some special rules. When firing at moving targets, do not apply the normal target speed modifiers, instead subtract the targets speed factor. In addition, the mortar may fire over terrain - provided the firing unit knows roughly where the target is, they may be fired at. Walls, rocks and other obstructions which would normally block line of sight do not block a mortar, although once the hit has been determined cover will block the HE burst effect. The downside though, is that a mortar has a minimum range - it cannot fire at any target that is within 3 spaces of the firing unit.

The airburst reload is a special round for a mortar that is designed to detonate over the target instead of actually contacting with it. The end result is that less damage is scored as the explosive spreads out over the area, but everything within the area is damage - horizontal cover (such as walls) will not protect against airburst damage and all targets hit have their roofs damaged. Against infantry behind cover or in foxholes, this can be an unwelcome surprise.

Rocket Pods:
Rockets pods fire a large amount of conventional unguided high explosive rockets that destroy a large area when they hit. They are mainly used for destroying infantry and other soft targets but can damage larger targets.

Rocket pods use a double-sized burst radius (8 inner blast zone, 16 outer blast zone) and in addition, all targets within the outer blast zone will take damage (including vehicles).

Smoke Dispenser:
The smoke dispenser is a simple weapon used by armies for many years. It is a small, dedicated grenade launcher type weapon that is used to throw special smoke grenades around the vehicle (normal grenades do not fit the dispenser). Each shot fires a single smoke grenade that lands and gives a normal smoke counter. What makes the Smoke Dispenser better than a standard grenade launcher for this purpose, is that each smoke grenade comes with its own launching tube and thus 1-6 grenades can be fired for a single shoot action and each grenade may be targeted at a different target area, provided all are within the arc of fire for the smoke dispenser. This means that in a panic situation a lot of smoke can be placed around the vehicle for concealment. A smoke dispenser automatically has the same arc of fire as a trike pintle mount. If loaded with different rounds of ammunition, a smoke dispenser is always treated as if it had a rotary magazine. Smoke dispensers cannot be double loaded.

A special round, chaff is designed to specifically block incoming missile strikes. When launched, a chaff counter is placed at the point of impact. Chaff is not smoke and doesn't block weapons fire as smoke. Instead, each chaff counter that a missile (any sort) has to fly through gives it a -2 modifier to hit. Missile computers do not reduce this modifier. Chaff has no affect upon other weapons, including rocket pods.

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