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The following are a small sample of the sort of birds that you see flying the not-so-friendly skies these days. Jetcopters are either fast or deadly, so be warned!

Scout Jetcopter:
The Scout copter is a typical example of what convoys use as their eyes in the sky. Small, lightly armed and armoured, what this scout has on its side, is speed. Able to breach the 300 mph mark, its able to get where it needs to go, hopefully avoid trouble and then get back to report on whatever's out there. While the minigun has an extra load, if the scout needs it, then it's in too much trouble.

Classification: Multi-crew small performance jetcopter Weight: 1,120 Cost: $166,500
Max Speed: 301 mph Acceleration: 32 mph Braking: 27 mph Handling: 5, 4 vs. HE
Occupancy: Pilot and passenger.
Weapons: 7.62mm mini-gun with double load (front).
Systems: Autopilot, charger.
Armour: 2 points CP all facings, save Roof, 1 point.

Corporate Attack Jetcopter:
A horrible example of what can be done if you have the money and the inclination. The attack jetcopter is bristling with weapons and well armoured as well. Not as fast as some jetcopters, it's still capable of chasing down renegades and blasting them off the roads. Luckily, the average gang won't see one of these unless they've done something terribly wrong indeed...
The standard missile load is HE, but this can be changed depending on the mission requirements. Only the cost changes.

Classification: Multi-crew standard co-axial rotor jetcopter gunship Weight: 2,910 Cost: $401,500
Max Speed: 224 mph Acceleration: 22 mph Braking: 20 mph Handling: 8
Occupancy: Pilot and gunner.
Weapons: Chaingun with double load (under turret with total vertical swivel mount), 2x missile pods (linked, sides, loaded with HE missiles).
Systems: Charger, missile computer, reinforced landing gear, robotpilot, rotor armour, turret computer.
Armour: 4 points CP all facings, save Roof and back 3.

Corporate VIP Jetcopter:
The VIP jetcopter is designed exclusively as a VIP transportd, able to carry passengers to where they are going in both safety and comfort. It has strong armour and even an ECM system. The craft has a standard crew of two (pilot and co-pilot) and can carry up to six passengers, although it is likely that one of those passengers will actually be an steward.

Classification: Standard Tilt-rotor Jetcopter Weight: 2,450 Cost: $243,000
Max Speed: 239 mph Acceleration: 28 mph Braking: 24 mph Handling: 7
Occupancy: Pilot, co-pilot, 6x passengers.
Systems: Charger, crash suppression (for crew and passengers), ECM 1, robopilot, rotor armour.
Armour: 3 points CP each facing.

TV Jetcopter:
The TV networks are everywhere, trying to get stories, coverage of the fights and gangs, and anything that will get them ratings. One of the safest ways of doing this, is to be high above the action where most stray shots won't actually have a chance to hitting the TV crews. And of course, the best way of being above the action is with a jetcopter. The following is an average example of a TV jetcopter. It is lightly armed, only a couple of forward mounted machine guns providing limited defence against other TV fliers, and the armour hasn't been beefed up at all. Fast enough to keep up with the action, and with cameras mounted on universal turret mounts, the jetcopter also has a crew of four. Pilot, gunner (or rather camera operator) and two passengers, who generally consist of technicians and interviewers.
The camera gear weighs 100 and costs $10,000

Classification: Multi-crew standard multi-role jetcopter Weight: 2,480 Cost: $210,000
Max Speed: 219 mph Acceleration: 24 mph Braking: 24 mph Handling: 4
Occupancy: Pilot, gunner and 2x passengers.
Weapons: 2x linked 6mm machine guns (front), camera gear (under turret with total vertical swivel mount).
Systems: Autopilot, charger, reinforced landing gear.
Armour: 3 points CS all facings.

Sky Crane:
If you need to transport cargo of any shape or size, then the Sky Crane is for you. Able to shift 25,500 weight of under-slung cargo or vehicles. If you need it, the Sky Crane can get it for you. At a price - the jetcopter isn't armoured and mounts no weapons meaning it is unsuitable for NoGo operations. But for construction and transportation, it can't be beat.
Please note, performance will drop dramatically when cargo is carried.

Classification: Heavy lift co-axial stripped jetcopter Weight: 1,600 Cost: $205,000
Max Speed: 196 mph Acceleration: 19 mph Braking: 33 mph Handling: 8, 6 vs. HE.
Occupancy: Pilot and co-pilot.
Weapons: None.
Systems: Autopilot, reinforced landing gear.
Armour: None.

Transport Jetcopter:
A large and heavy jetcopter designed for one thing - to carry cargo. It's not built for speed nor combat, being very lightly armoured and only having a couple of side-door gunners for close defence. However, when doing the role that it is designed for, the transport jetcopter can carry a staggering weight worth of cargo before being too ladened to take-off from the ground, and able to carry more as underslung cargo.
The crafts performance does not include any cargo, but any cargo that it does carry will hamper the speed. See here for cargo rules.

Classification: Large tandem rotor jetcopter Weight: 3,450 Cost: $213,000
Max Speed: 148 mph Acceleration: 15 mph Braking: 26 mph Handling: 4
Occupancy: Pilot and 2x side-gunners.
Weapons: 2x side-gunners with 15mm autocannon each
Systems: None
Armour: 3 points CS all facings.
Note: The transport jetcopter can carry up to 16,250 weight of externally slung cargo.

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