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Off road movement (5k)
by Chris French

These rules were written by Chris French and are variants that can be applied to vehicles to spice up any game. They have been slightly edited by me.

George glanced over his shoulder, saw the Interceptor bearing down. A few more seconds, and Momma Peyton's least-useful son would make some Op a few dozen grand richer.

He cast an eye out across the sprawling plains to either side of the blacktop, then looked heavenward. "God, it would have been nice if You had provided in Your great plan of life some means of driving someplace other than the *&^%$#@! road!" The HiVAP missile that the Op sent screaming straight up George's beer-bloated butt - literally - seconds later might have been God's answer to the biker's blasphemy . . .

Moving Off-Road:
The rules for off-map travel in Dark Future are quite simple; the only addition to one's game is a simple protractor, available at any store for a pittance. It should be marked in 1-degree increments.
Moving forward off-road is very easy. Simple place the range ruler directly in front of the vehicle and then move the vehicle along one space. Only one space is moved regardless of how large or small the vehicle counter is.

A vehicle may make one turn per manouevre action. This turn is made before the vehicle is moved one space, although it may be taken before any space is moved in the phase.

Calculate the safe speed of a turn as follows:

    100 - degree angle of turn = safe speed

Turns may not be any sharper than 90 degrees.

  • Pavement: +10 to Safe Speed
  • Rain: divide Safe Speed by 1.5
  • Snow, mud, or rain: divide Safe Speed by 2
  • Ice: divide Safe Speed by 2.5
  • Sand, etc.: as per rules

Combat is performed as per usual; no extra modifiers need be applied for firing while off-road (rain gives -2 to hit; snow -4).

Collisions may be determined in one of two ways: The contact zone may be either the miniature proper (i.e., if a miniature touches anything else, it hits), or the contact zone may be determined using a wrecked car debris counter (place the center of the counter under the center of the minituare; if the counter touches any obstacles, there is a collision).

If off-road in mud or snow, if vehicle ever ends a turn at Speed 0, it is immobilized for the rest of the game, unless it gets a push from peds, from another car (F-F, F-B, or B-B only), or from rocket boosters.

Wheel spin:
In inclement weather, if unit accelerates more than 25% of its maximum acceleration, it must roll against Safe Speed equal to 25% of its maximum acceleration rate; failure results in no speed change.

Dropping Passives:
Passives will work just as well off-road as they do on road. When dropping passives, their contact area should be a wrecked car debris counter, aligned touching to the center rear of the dropping car. If using a lot of passives, it might be handy to make up some more wrecked care debris sized counters.

Turning Template:
In case you don't have access to a protractor, then Russ Charles has created a turning template (pdf, 256k) that you can download and use in it's place. As well as looking much nicer, the template, when printed out, should be the length of one car (8 cm) so it will make manoeuvring much easier.
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