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The following is a small snapshot of the different types of tractors and trailers that can be seen on the roads hauling cargo or acting as trouble for some gang on the interstate. Whilst not as numerous as cars and bikes, a rig comes in as much variety, more so, before the trailers are interchangeable.

Racing Tractor:
Despite the fact that they are not built for speed or handling, there are some people who still wish to race the rigs. This racing is usually done without a trailer, and a tractor configured solely for racing can have an impressive performance for a beast its size.

Classification: Short cab Weight: 3,290 Cost: $140,000
Max Speed: 113 mph Acceleration: 14 mph Braking: 21 mph Handling: 4, 10 vs. HE
Occupancy: Driver only.
Weapons: 2x linked 6mm machine guns (forward), smoke passive
Systems: Charger, robotic drive.
Armour: 4 points CP each facing.

Inter-city Hauler:
A short range cargo hauler, not really designed for venturing outside of NoGo, but pretty safe enough to be able to take on what's usually thrown at it from within.

Classification: Standard cab Weight: 5,510 Cost: $253,500
Max Speed: 84 mph Acceleration: 7 mph Braking: 14 mph Handling: 2, 9 vs. HE
Occupancy: Drover and gunner, cargo area.
Weapons: 2x linked 15mm autocannon (forward), 40mm grenade launcher (turret)
Systems: Active suspension, ramplate, reinforced tyres.
Armour: 5 points CS each facing, save for roof, floor and rear 4.

Journey Man:
A long nosed cab built to survive the struggles of a long distance voyage across the sand. This tractor is not cheap, but when you have to carry that precious cargo across the void, you need something that will keep you alive.

Classification: Sleeper cab Weight: 5,000 Cost: $478,000
Max Speed: 110 mph Acceleration: 12 mph Braking: 24 mph (+10 mph panic braking) Handling: 4, 10 vs. HE
Occupancy: Driver and gunner, cargo area.
Weapons: 2x linked chainguns (forward), 2x linked 20mm grenade launchers (wings), missile pod (roof, HE load).
Systems: Charger, crash suspension (all crew), enhanced computer braking, missile fire control computer, reinforced tyres, robotic drive.
Armour: 6 points CP each facing.

Generic flatbed trailer:
This is simply a basic flatbed trailer. Equipped with a couple of passive weapons, the trailer is pretty much the bottom of the barrel with no features or extras added to spice up life. Found in safe or hostile zones, there isn't much you can do with a flatbed.

Classification: Flatbed Trailer Weight: 2,200 Cost: $37,000
Occupancy: None.
Weapons: Pattern mines passive, smoke passive
Systems: None.
Armour: 2 points CS each facing.

'Stateline' tanker trailer:
A representative of the 'Stateline' company tanker trailers. It is well armoured for a trailer (it needs to be when carrying volatile fuel), but carries little in the way of actual weaponry. However, the main weapons are cupola mounted. The theory behind this is that with more gunners, the trailer will be a more offensive weapon as some of the weapons load is taken away from the driver, who can concentrate on other things, such as driving.

Classification: Tanker Trailer Weight: 4,375 Cost: $270,000
Occupancy: None.
Weapons: 2x cupola mounted 15mm autocannon with double loads, smoke passive, oil passive.
Systems: 2x turret computers, reinforced tyres.
Armour: 4 points CP front, roof and floor, 6 points CP elsewhere.

Hauler box trailer:
The hauler is a simple box trailer. It has no significant strengths or weaknesses and while mainly armed with 6mm machine guns, the amount of them can give gangs and other attackers pause for thought.

Classification: Box Trailer Weight: 5,850 Cost: $178,000
Occupancy: None.
Weapons: 2x side-rear mounted 6mm machine guns (rear facing, linked), 2x side-rear mounted 6mm machine guns (rear facing, linked, swivel mounts), chain gun (rear turret, with total vertical swivel mount), 2x side-front 6mm machine guns (forward facing, linked, swivel mounts), oil passive, spike passive.
Systems: None.
Armour: 4 points CS everywhere, save Rear 5.

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