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Weapons are good, but when you're being shot at, armour also helps. Armour is what stops the enemy attack actually inflicting damage on you, allowing you to get that vital shot on your attacker. Or in other words, armour helps to keep you alive to fight another day, and we can't say fairer than that.

Armour types include flak jackets and Kevlar suits which are the standard for wealthy people and security forces, and light armour which is in fact a complete suit of solid Kevlar plates and heavy protection, used by SWAT teams and other 'high risk' units. For the ultimate in protection, there is heavy armour that turns the wearer into a light bunker, but at the cost of mobility.

Armour Types:
The following are the common types of armour available to the discerning pedestrian of the future.
Note that armour may not be layered - you cannot wear light armour and a flak jacket over top.
    Armour TypeCostArmour Value
    Flak Jacket$2501
    Kevlar suit$6002
    Light Armour$1,0003
    Heavy Armour$2,5004

Movement Penalties:
Light and Heavy armour is made of solid plates, and this slows the wearer down. Light armour slows the pedestrian movement down by 2 cm per turn, while heavy armour slows a pedestrian by 3 cm of movement per turn.

Fire-proof Armour:
Armour may be made fireproof. This doesn't negate completely the effects of flame damage, but will help to reduce it. All damage caused by a flame-thrower has a -2 modifier. When rolling to see if napalm goes out, add +2 to the roll.
Fireproof armour costs double the normal amount of money.

Sound-proof Armour:
Armour can be made sound-proof to defeat maxiscreamers and sonic attacks. It costs $2,000 per rating of sound-proofing, and adds 1 to the armour weight per rating. An armour suit can have a maximum sound-proofing equalling the AV of the armour itself.

Stacking Armour:
Multiple armour types cannot be worn, and thus armour cannot be stacked. However, armour does stack with cyberware body armour. Add the two armour ratings together, but the maximum possible armour value that can be gotten with cyberware armour and worn armour together is AV6.

Driving in Armour:
You can drive in armour, but the heavier the armour suit, the more restrictive it is, and this can have a bearing on driving. Light Armour confers a -1 to the relevent driving skill, while Heavy Armour gives a -2 to the driving skill. This skill is the one needed to drive the vehicle, so will be different for different types of vehicle. No driving skill will be reduced below 0. Other skills are not effected.
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