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Character and skill advancement is handled similar to that found find in Dead Man's Curve, part 1. A character gains Mileage points, and when they have enough points, they increase their abilities. The difference here, lies in that the mileage points gained are only added to the relevant skill. For example, a character involved in a road duel uses their drive skill, so any mileage points awarded will go into that skill only. This makes skill advancement slightly slower if a character is going to be using differing types of transport.

Obviously record keeping gets a mite more complicated now as you have to keep track of all the skills your character knows, and their mileage points earned per skill.

Use the same mileage chart for all skills, and it requires 3 mileage points to get to level 2 of any skill.All skills have a maximum rating of 10.

Some skills have some slight differences in how mileage points are gained.

Combat Skills:
These skills have mileage points awarded to them at the rate of 1 point per engagement where the character fired shooting weapons (not passives) in anger. For each vehicle kill the gunner scored, they get one additional mileage point if the kill was a car or trike, 1/2 point if the kill was a bike or bike-sidecar combination, or 2 points if the kill was a truck or jetcopter. A vehicle gunner gets no additional points for killing pedestrians.
A pedestrian gets 1 additional mileage point per five pedestrians killed, or double the normal mileage points if they kill a vehicle.
Close combat scores 1 mileage point per five pedestrians killed.

General skills:
Mileage points for these skills will have to be worked out at the gamesmaster discretion, but generally 1 point per engagement or contract where a successful skill roll was made.

CON points:
Normal mileage points can't increase CON points. Instead if a character wishes to increase their CON, they must go to a gym, train, and possibly take muscle treatments and the like. The upshot is that a character must spend $2,500 per week for these treatments and classes, and after a number of months equalling their current CON total, they may gain a +1 CON point. Treatments must continue or else the effects will be lost, although this usually takes about a year of non-treatments.

Only 1 additional CON point may be added in this way as there is only so much advancement you can do to the human body through natural means. Further increases will have to come through cyberware.

Starting Mileage Points:
For characters that start the game with variable skill levels, they can be assumed to already have a number of mileage points equalling their level, so a character starting the game with a Drive skill of 4 can be assumed to start with 10 mileage points.
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