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Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but when you're stuck in bar room brawl, a sword, knife or other close combat weapon may be slightly better. Like guns, close combat weapons are easy to pick up, even if that's just because almost any item can be used as club.

Close Combat Damage Table:

    Bare fists--1+0
    Knife/short sword/small power tool$100+0+1
    Chainsaw/large power tool$300+3+0
    Stun Baton$1,000Special+0

Stun Baton:
The stun baton is a bully stick used by security officers and law officials. As well as acting like a normal club (causing normal +0 damage), a successful hit will also cause the target to make a roll as if hit by a taser (see below).

The Taser is a special weapon designed to render an opponent inoperable rather than cause them actual damage. If the target is hit in close combat, roll 1d6 - AV of any personal armour the target is wearing. Then consult the following table.
Note that the damage of a taser is uneffected by any cyberware or damage bonuses that the owner has.

Die RollTaser Effect
0 or lessNo Effect
2,3Lingering stun

The target is stunned (see the new injury rules). This is automatic.

Lingering Stun:
The target is stunned for 1d6 turns. After that, they should roll every end phase to see if they are still stunned. This continues until the turn that they are not stunned.

The target is knocked out, and will remain this way for about ten minutes.

Ranged Attack:
The taser can also function as a close range weapon. If used in this manner, then use the following chart. Any hit will cause a roll on the Taser Effect table (above), but with a -1 penalty.

    Range: 2Accuracy: +0Damage: specialShots: unlimitedCost: $1,000

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