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Alternate damage system (5k)

While the basic system for injury as provided is fine for most characters, for those with a lot of CON points the chance of death and disablement is too high and this doesn't make a high CON point total worthwhile. As a result, this optional system is provided for those cases.

While any character can use this system, you should use this for characters with 5 CON points or more.

The new system works as follows. When a character takes damage, roll on the following Pedestrian Critical Table. Pedestrians add the weapon damage value to this roll, and all characters subtract their body armour value, if any. This will list the CON point loss from the attack.

Next, use the CON Wound Table to determine any additional effects based on the current amount of CON points left. This will detail whether stun, KO, disablement and other effects need to take place. These effects are based solely on the current CON point total, and thus will vary from character to character.

    Pedestrian Critical Table:

    Die RollResult
    1 or lessNear miss
    2-3-1 CON point
    4-7-2 CON points
    8-9-3 CON points
    10-11-4 CON points
    12-13-5 CON points

This table can be continued as needed. For every extra 2 points on the die roll, an additional CON point is scored as damage.

    CON Wound Table:

    CON Total
    SkillMoveWound Effects
    76% or more-0-0None
    51-75%-1-0Roll for stun
    40 mph safety limit
    26-50%1/23/4Roll for KOStun
    20 mph safety limit
    01-25%1/41/2Roll for KO
    Roll for Stun
    Roll for possible limb disablement
    20 mph safety limit
    0 CON points--Automatic KO.
    If this is a driver, then vehicle has no driver.
    -1 or less--Dead
    If this is a driver, then vehicle has no driver.

Skill is the modifier to be applied to all skill ratings. This is only ever done once and will only change when the wound of the character drops the CON point total to a lower level on the table.
Move is a modifier to the movement rate of the character. This is only ever done once and will only change when the wound of the character drops the CON point total to a lower level on the table.

Only apply the worst possible modifiers, they are not cumulative.

Wound Effects are applied and rolled for whenever and every time the character takes a wound. Roll for the top effects first and then work down the list, thus you roll for KO, and if successful, roll for stun. Limb disablements are always rolled for.

KO and Stun Rolls:
All stun and KO rolls should be made as normal, but the target number is 3, not the total CON points of the character. This means that a roll of 4 or more is required to stun or KO a character.

Use the following table to determine the modified skill and CON totals.

    Current CON PointsCurrent Skill

For example, a character with 8 CON points and skills of driver 3 and gunner 4 is hit by a 4.2mm machine gun. A die is rolled and the weapons damage of +1 is added. A 2 is rolled, for a result of 3. The result is 1 CON point damage. This keeps the characters CON points to above 76%, so no additional effects are felt on the character. Then the character is hit again for a further 2 CON points damage. This puts the character in the 51-75%. This forces a stun roll, and puts the skills down to 2 for driver and 3 for gunner.
If the character gets another damage point, then no further penalties will apply, but another roll for stun will be made.
If the character was to receive a further two points of damage (to make the current total 3), then skills would be driver 2 and gunner 2, in addition to a roll for KO and Stun (if the KO was successful).

Optional - Stun and KO:
As an optional rule, and one that may keep die rolling to a minimum, if a character passes a KO check, then they automatically fail their stun roll. If a character takes enough damage to almost knock them out, then they are always going to feel a little bit shaken as a result.
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