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There are several pieces of equipment that can be used to help the discriminating road user these days, and these include the following.

Gas Mask:
$100. This item helps to dilute the effects of teargas. Due to the modern gas, it is not 100% effective as the irritant gas can effect victims through the pores in their skin.

Extended Magazines:
Extended magazines are double loading for hand weapons. Useful in a fight if you just want to keep shooting.

Extended magazines cost twice as much as a normal reload, but they aren't available for all weapons. The following may not take double loading:
Derringers, revolvers, pump-action and double-barrelled shotguns, RPGs, Miniguns, Laser Carbines, Flame-throwers, under-barrel grenade launchers.

Extended magazines give the weapon double the normal amount of shots. If you're using the abstract method of keeping track of ammunition, then it takes two results of a 1 to cause the weapon to run out of ammunition. Reloading takes one action stationary.

Extra Magazines:
One weapon load is usually never enough for a fight. That's why many seasoned people carry multiple magazines for their weapons. When you're, you just chuck the old mag, insert the new, and blam! You're away again.

Magazines cost the same as one reload for a weapon. To reload, a pedestrian must spend one action stationary.

Laser Sights:
Laser sights are small attachments that fit to the end of a weapon. They project a small laser dot on the target that makes aiming so much easier. They can be fitted to any weapon and give a +1 accuracy bonus. This bonus is only available when firing directly at a target. It does not give a bonus when firing at a section, indirectly, or when throwing weapons.
The tiny battery gives a lifetime of use. The laser sights costs $1,000.

Maxiscreamers are portable ultrasonic sound generators used mainly for riot control. For pedestrians, they cost $8,000 each.

See Maxiscreamers for more information.

Portable Fire Extinguisher:
$500. This helps put out fires, especially those caused by napalm hits.
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