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Single Shot Kill (5k)

Weapons in Dark Future are generally used in the fully automatic mode - firing as much lead at the target as possible generally means that you don't need to worry about accuracy or aiming much which really helps the general public or those without much in the way of training. In addition, firing fully automatic is usually a good way of keeping the opposition's head down.

However, there are times when you want to fire single shots, for example when you're short on ammunition or you want to line up and aim using a scope. In these rare cases, use the following rules.

When using single shot, a character may not make a Move and Fire action. They must remain stationary. In addition, various characteristics of a weapon may change. The ACC of a weapon will remain however the DAM will be reduced by 1, although this cannot cause the values to drop below 0. RNG is not affected by single shot firing, although as this mode is generally used with a scope of some kind, there might be some benefit from that.

The amount of shots that the weapon has will increase dramatically, usually by a factor of 3-5. Single shots obviously only use one shot when they are fired, but fully automatic fire will use the full rate. If a weapon only has 1 or 2 bullets left then it may not fire on automatic.

Not all weapons may use the single shot option though. Single shot weapons and fully automatic only weapons may not use these rules. Other weapons may at the referee's discretion.
The following is a list of weapons from this site that may use these rules.

    5.56mm Assault Rifle30 (5)
      GP Reload
      SS Reload
    +1+0 SS
    7.62mm Battle Rifle24 (4)
      GP Reload
      SS Reload
    +1+1 SS

Shots is the actual amount of rounds in the weapon, while (4) signifies the amount of bullets used in fully automatic mode.

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