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Every weapon needs it, and you'd better not be caught without it! Ammunition, the way through a Renegades heart...

Further 20 mm grenade options can be found in the On Foot section.

Homing Missiles:
Homing missiles allow a missile system (which has a missile computer installed) to fire at targets that are not in the standard arc of fire for the missile launcher. Instead, a homing missile has an arc like a three wheeler trike (White Line Fever pg. 38), and provided the target lies in this arc, and is outside the normal 2 space minimum distance, then it may be shot at. Other vehicles do not bloke the arc of the missile either - it simply moves around them. This is taken into account with the weapons accuracy score, which is much lower than normal. Missiles are either HE or AP, chosen when the missile is bought.

    +0+6HE or +6AP$10,00030

Hot Smoke:
Hot smoke is a combination of chemicals that are designed to emulate the effects of normal smoke but in addition, defeat a vehicles gunnery system by blocking the various range finders, night vision and infrared systems that a vehicle carries. Hot smoke is loaded into passive smoke layers only and functions like normal smoke unless stated here. However, all types of computer lose their ability to negate smoke, and thus always take the full penalty for shooting through it. In addition, vehicles may no longer shoot through more than 3 smoke counters - the gunnery systems cannot see through more smoke!

Hot smoke costs $250 per shot.

Napalm Missiles:
These missiles carry a warhead of napalm instead of normal HE or shaped plastic and thus are designed to burn their targets rather than cause them to explode. When they hit a vehicle the vehicle immediately takes a +3 hit, and in addition is now automatically on fire - see Flame-throwers for more information on this. The napalm missile has a blast radius like most other missiles and everything within the inner blast zone takes a standard flame-thrower hit and is on fire. Everything in the outer blast zone takes a +0 hit but isn't on fire. Finally, a standard napalm counter (see A Day at the Races) is left underneath the target (although they won't be affected by this unless they move back onto the counter or are stationary, in which case the effects start next phase).

Napalm missiles cost $5,000 per shot and have an Accuracy +2.

Proximity Fuse Munitions:
These munitions have special sensors that detect when the round is near to a target, and then they explode. They don't explode on the target itself, and thus they don't do as much damage as a normal round. However, their worth is in the fact that they explode near the target, and as such, they are more guaranteed of a hit.

Proximity fuse munitions are available for HE grenades and HE missiles only - they cannot be used for other types of ammunition or weapon. They give a +1 accuracy bonus above and beyond other weapon bonuses. The downside, is that they only inflict half damage to the target (round down), and they also halve any safety limit for hazard rolls that would need to be made for that weapon.

Proximity fuses cost a mere $100 more per round that they are added to. Normal impact fuses are also kept, so when the round is fired, the decision as to whether a normal impact or proximity fuse is used is made then. This does not use a shoot action, but must be made before any die rolls are made.

Stinger Surface-to-Air Missile:
The Stinger SAM as used on vehicles is effectively the same as that carried by pedestrians. The missile is for use against airborne targets, allowing its special sensors to guide it through the air to its target. At this, it is very effective.


The Stinger may only fire at airborne targets, its sensors do not allow the engagement of ground targets. However, when fired at airborne targets within its arc of fire, the Stinger may ignore any modifiers to-hit due to target altitude and for flying. Stingers are best mounted on vertical mounts.
While a Stinger doesn't have unlimited range, it can effectively reach out and touch any ariel target in play.

Stingers may be mounted on Jetcopters and other flying vehicles for air defence, and they function in the same manner. It is fired through a standard missile pod or 50mm missile tube.

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