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Not available for every vehicle, but if you can fly, you can mount bombs. Mounting more explosive than standard missiles, these can really make someone's day.

Bombs come in a variety of types, and two sizes - small and large. Large bombs take up one passive mount each, small bombs take up half a passive space each. Bombs can be linked as normal, and if not linked, can be dropped in any order desired.
All bombs should use the Burst Effect Weapons rules.

High Explosive Bombs:
HE bombs are the standard explosive ordnance carried by Jetcopters. They are powerful and have a burst radius.
    Small HE Bomb-+0+3 HE1$1,50025
    Large HE Bomb-+0+8 HE1$3,00040

Cluster Bombs:
Cluster bombs contain lots of small munitions that make hitting the targets easier. They have a blast radius and are special in that they also attack every target within the entire blast radius, thus even vehicles are damaged in the outer blast zone.
    Small Cluster Bomb-+2+1 HE1$2,00025
    Large Cluster Bomb-+2+5 HE1$5,00040

Crater Bombs:
Crater bombs are designed to tear up the road and leave craters and potholes in their wake. Against actual targets they inflict armour piercing damage. They only come in the one size - large.
    Large Crater Bomb-+0+6 AP1$5,00040

Against targets like cars, they inflict the listed damage and have no other effects (such as a blast effect). When dropped against the ground (make a normal to-hit roll for this), they create a standard debris counter that is placed centred on the drop zone. Treat this as non-removable static debris. It actually represents craters and potholes and other road damage, which must be repaired. If playing in a campaign where the stretch of road is used often, you might want to remember this. Around civilised areas, these bombs are illegal for this reason.

Napalm Bombs:
Napalm bombs spread jellied flame throughout their blast radius, which sets targets on fire and leaves them burning. It also leaves napalm on the ground afterwards for others to run into.
    Small Napalm Bomb-+0+31$2,00025
    Large Napalm Bomb-+0+51$5,00040

A small napalm bomb will leave a single napalm counter on the lanes that it hits, while a large bomb will leave two napalm counters in the target zone and the next two lanes in front of it.

The napalm hits everything in the target zone. As well as taking the normal damage as listed above, the vehicle is now on fire and takes damage every turn - see Flame-throwers for more details.

Left behind napalm counters are the same as those in A Day at the Races.

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