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This represents a generic medium sized civilian car used by the general public. It is not any one make, but an example of the type of vehicle created by the motor industry. It is designed for passengers and cargo over combat abilities, which is just as well as most PZ zones don't allow for public vehicles to mount weaponry in the safe zones.

Unless stated, treat the civilian car as a normal Renegade for accessories, handling, acceleration, braking and maximum speed.

A Record Sheet is available for the civilian car, drawn by Kristian Richards.

Basic Characteristics:

Advanced Characteristics:

Car weapon mounts
Weapon Mounts:
Hood, Forward Wings, Roof, Rear Wings, 1 Passive.
The Hood and Roof may mount heavy weapons. The Roof may mount a turret, but only at the expence of a passenger seat. Turreted civilian vehicles are not legal in PZs.

A civilian car has an occupancy of 4 - driver and three passengers. In addition, it has a cargo area.

A civilian car mounts no armour as standard and thus can't be stripped. However, it may mount armour at standard costs and weights.

Honda PZ:
The Honda PZ is a no-frills generic civilian car that can be found in the safety of the PZ. It's unarmed and unarmoured and not expected to go anyway where there isn't safety from the police or local security firms. However, as road vehicles go, it's dirt cheap. The weight of the vehicle below includes driver, three passengers and 100 cargo.

Classification: V6 multi-crew civilian carrier Weight: 1,150 Cost: $15,000
Max Speed: 106 mph Acceleration: 18 mph Braking: 24 mph Handling: 3
Occupancy: Driver, 3x passengers, 100 cargo.
Weapons: None.
Systems: None.
Armour: None.

Ford Breed:
The Ford Breed is an upgunned civilian vehicle that is advertised to be able to handle the rigours of NoGo travel. However, the only chance these vehicles have of surviving NoGo is in groups... The weight of the vehicle includes one passenger and 100 cargo. Obviously, all weapons will have to removed at the filter zone.

Classification: V8 multi-crew civilian carrier Weight: 1,565 Cost: $70,000
Max Speed: 116 mph Acceleration: 22 mph Braking: 20 mph Handling: 3
Occupancy: Driver, passenger, 100 cargo.
Weapons: 6mm machine gun (hood), smoke layer (passive).
Systems: None.
Armour: 2 points each facing.

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