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Roll Cage (10k) The Roll Cage is a reasonably popular car with off-road gangs, and is becoming a viable alternative to the Renegade. Similar to the Renegade in many respects, the car is lighter and built for off-road travel as standard, which means that it can go places where the Renegade can't, and has a passenger cage built in for those moments when a driver takes the car to its limit. This passenger cage is also what gives the car its name.

However, performance comes with a price, and the Roll Cage pays its price by a lack of weapon mounts. Where the Renegade has four wing mounts, the Roll Cage only has two side mounts, and in addition, because the Roll Cage has a passenger space as standard, it may only mount a fixed roof weapon, not a turret.

Despite this, or probably because of this, the Roll Cage usually has superior performance over the standard Renegade and is commonly employed as a scouting vehicle for gangs. Some small gangs employ Roll Cages exclusively for mobility.

Unless stated, treat the Roll Cage as a normal Renegade for accessories, handling, acceleration, braking and maximum speed.

Basic Characteristics:

Advanced Characteristics:

Carbon Plastic

Car weapon mounts
Weapon Mounts:
Hood, Roof, Sides, Tailgate, one Passive.
The hood or rear may mount heavy weapons. The roof mount may only contain a medium or smaller weapon which must be fixed forward or rear. However, the roof hard point may be a Pintle mount is desired, operated by the passenger. The side mount may only contain a medium or smaller weapon. Using the rear mount means the removal of the spare wheel.

A Rollcage has an occupancy of 2 - driver and passenger.

The Roll Cage contains some special equipment as standard. This includes a passenger cage for both the driver and passenger, and full off-road suspension. OR tyres are not included in the price.

The Roll Cage may not mount Sports Suspension.

Renegade Assault:
The Renegade Assault is simply a Roll Cage with some added weaponry. It's a no-frills off-road fighter.

Classification: V8 multi-role rollcageWeight: 1,300 Cost: $56,500
Max Speed: 120 mph Acceleration: 24 mph Braking: 22 mph Handling: 4
Occupancy: Driver and passanger.
Weapons: 15mm autocannon (hood), 20mm GL (roof, forward), spike layer passive.
Systems: None.
Armour: 2 points each facing.

The Roll Cage makes a good scouting vehicle - it has off-road capability as standard as well as the ability to use it. The Scouter uses these features to its advantage, making it a fast vehicle, with nitrous oxide to help it run away from trouble. The Scouter isn't designed to take on trouble, but to seek it out and report back.

Classification: V8 multi-role performance rollcage Weight: 1,000 Cost: $67,000
Max Speed: 152 mph Acceleration: 32 mph Braking: 26 mph Handling: 5, 4 vs. HE
Occupancy: Driver and gunner.
Weapons: 7.62mm minigun (pintle mount, forward).
Systems: Charger, NOX.
Armour: 2 points each facing.

The Roll Cage is taken from the Hot Wheels collection by Mattel, and is used without permission.
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