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The sports car is a generic name for any vehicle that is designed for speed and handling. Streamlined and equipped with spoilers and airdams, these cars are the ones used by the rich and famous, and those who want to look good for the vids - they make excellent second cars for Sanctioned Ops. Because of their speed and handling, sports cars are frequently used for road racing, but only sometimes for actual combat operations as they don't mount much in the way of armour.

Unless stated, treat the Sports Car as a normal Interceptor for accessories, handling, acceleration, braking and maximum speed.

Basic Characteristics:

Advanced Characteristics:

Car weapon mounts
Weapon Mounts:
Hood, Forward Wings, Rear Wings, Tailgate, 2 Passives.
The Hood and Tailgate can mount heavy weapons.

A sports car has an occupancy of 2 - driver and passenger.

The Sports Car may use partial OR suspension, but not full OR suspension.

A Sports Car mounts no armour as standard, and thus can't be converted to carbon plastic or stripped. However, it may mount either carbon steel or plastic at normal costs and weights.

Ferrari Sports GTi-L:
The Ferrari is typical of the many sports cars that are found in the hands of the rich or famous. Lasers are a typical weapon for these cars more for their pose value than combat value. Obviously when in a PeeZee the weapons must be fully licensed or removed.

Classification: V8 performance sports car Weight: 935 Cost: $143,000
Max Speed: 136 mph Acceleration: 28 mph Braking: 35 mph Handling: 7, 6 vs. HE
Occupancy: Driver and passenger.
Weapons: 2x combat lasers (wings, forward), oil jet passive.
Systems: Active suspension.
Armour: 2 points carbon plastic each facing.

Lotus Road Prix:
This vehicle is built for combat racing on smooth paved surfaces, and most certainly not for use outside this arena! The car is fast and handles like a dream. Because of its role in racing, the car has no armour and only a medium machine gun mounted at the front for token offence, although damage taken when at high speed can be fatal.

Classification: V12 performance sports car Weight: 925 Cost: $141,000
Max Speed: 176 mph Acceleration: 36 mph Braking: 41 mph (Panic braking +10 mph) Handling: 10, 9 vs. HE
Occupancy: Driver and passenger.
Weapons: 6mm machine gun (hood), smoke layer passive.
Systems: Charger, enhanced computerised braking, robotic drive, sports suspension.
Armour: None.

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