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Additional vehicular rules (5k)
by Chris French

These rules were written by Chris French and are variants that can be applied to vehicles to spice up any game.

Bike Outrigger Mounts:
Bikes with outrigger mounts have the following options with which to utilise them.

They may be used to mount extra dropped weapons
They may be used to mount DF weapons facing aft

Stripped Cars:
The weight savings for stripping the armour off a vehicle is far too little for the percentage of mass that armour occupies (do the math - subtract the equivalent mass of add-on armour from the mass of a basic vehicle). The mass loss of a stripped car should match the amount of armour that was stripped. Also, cost should be lowered by an equivalent amount.

Vehicle Masses:
Why do all cars weight the same, regardless of engine size? I propose that a V8 unit weigh 50 less than a V12, and a V6 100 less than a V12.
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