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Driving is an art form, and while some excel at what they do, others don't and need all the help they can get. Unfortunately, with all the hazrds and trouble makers on the roads these days, it isn't just the poor drivers who can do with the help, and thus no matter what your skill, there's always something extra that you can do with. And we provide!

Powered Steering:
A bit of a misnomer, powered steering isn't really that at all, after all, nearly all cars come complete with powered steering - especially the heavier gunships and tanks that require that their drivers have all the help they can get when piloting those vehicles. Instead, powered steering is a series of sensors and micro-electronics that try and keep a vehicle driving straight and true by giving slight adjustments to a its steering. It can be combined with Active Suspension, but its cheaper to simply install Robotic Drive if you want all the help you can get.

Powered Steering gives a vehicle a +1 handling bonus. It is compatable with Active Suspension, but not Robotic Drive. If a vehicle with powered steering upgrades to Robotic Drive, then it costs the same to remove the system before installing the upgraded one. It is only available for cars, not bikes or other vehicles.


Off Road Suspension:
OR suspension raises a cars body higher up off the ground allowing it to clear obstacles and debris that are so commonly found off road. As well as letting the vehicle avoid damage from off road travel, it lets a vehicle handle slightly better. OR suspension comes in two types - partial and full.

Partial OR suspension reduces all off-road handling modifiers by 1 and give a -1 to the damage roll. Full OR suspension reduces all off-road handling modifiers to 0, and a vehicle suffers no damage from off-road travel.

Renegade vehicles are assumed to have partial OR suspension built into their chassis for free. Costs for other vehicles are as follows:


The price in brackets for Renegade partial OR Suspension is the price that vehicles that act like Renegades pay for that suspension.

Off Road Tyres:
Normal tyres don't like travelling off road, they're made for grip and stability on a relatively flat surface, and as soon as you take them onto the abrasive surfaces found off the road, they tend to get scratched and destroyed, even reinforced tyres which are built to absorb bullets and not for long term continual scratching. Off road tyres though, are built for better stability and grip off the normal roads, and are capable of absorbing the punishment as well.

OR tyres take no damage from off-road travel at all and reduce all off-road safe speeds by 5 mph.


OR tyres can be made reinforced for the standard reinforced price added on top.

Sports Suspension:
Sports suspension lowers a car closer to the ground, adding spoilers and airdams and lowering the vehicles centre of gravity. All this combines to greatly increase a cars handling and ability to make manoeuvres. If you want that sleek, low slung sports car look, then this is the option for you. Just one word of advice - don't take the car off the road at all as being this low down, you're going to seriously trash the vehicle...

Sports suspension is only available for cars (not bikes, trucks or other vehicles). It gives the car a +2 handling bonus, and in addition increases all safe speeds for cornering (only!) by 10 mph. The downside is that the vehicle may not use off-road tyres or equipment, and if the vehicle does travel off-road, then all damage speeds are halved. A Renegade mounting sports suspension loses any and all off-road bonuses.

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