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All of the normal Classes from Redline can be used in Dark Future in addition to the new classes listed, but there are a few slight changes to make.

Anyone from a PeeZee or Town Native background may have the advanced firearms proficiency for free.

Useful to represent a typical gang member or NoGo inhabitant.

Starting Equipment: A marauder starts with $30,000 worth of motorbikes and equipment.

Useful for car gang members, loners, or anyone just driving a car.

Starting Equipment: $70,000 worth of vehicles and equipment. The redliner may not buy an Interceptor nor any vehicle that they do not have the skill to drive.

Can be used for anyone who likes to pick up a wrench and fix things.

Starting Equipment: $50,000 worth of vehicles, and personal gear, and $50,000 worth of vehicle spare parts. This doesn't need to be specified now, only as and when it will be used.

Traders are everywhere, going from town to town exchanging their goods.

Starting Equipment: $50,000 worth of vehicles and equipment.

While rare, there are still mad people out there who think that a vehicle isn't the way to go.

Starting Equipment: $10,000 worth of non-vehicular equipment.

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