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Just a couple of quick notes about the feats in Redline. I've had to update a couple of points for the Dark Future setting.

Simple and Advanced Weapon Proficiencies:
The weapons in Redline are based on the simple and advanced proficiences, however the simple proficiences include a lot of weapons that may not be immediately obvious to someone living in the PeeZees. As such, the following applies.

The simple firearm or vehicular weapons proficiency is not a requirement for having the advanced firearm or vehicular weapons proficiency, and having the advanced firearm or vehicular weapons proficiency doesn't mean that you can use simple firearms or vehicular wepaons.

This is an important note to make as nearly everyone is brought up using automatic weapons in Dark Future (which are advanced weapons), but not everyone knows how to use the simple stuff. A real point is that someone who can use a fully automatic rifle with a box magazine doesn't have to know how a bolt-action rifle works. Sure, they can pull the trigger on both, but can they work the bolt on the older rifle to clear the action to be able to pull the trigger again?

However, this does not apply to archiac weapons. You must have the simple archaic weapon proficiency before you can upgrade to advanced archaic weapon proficiency, like normal.

Vehicle Feats:
With the advent of jetcopters in Dark Future, a few of the vehicle feats aren't available to all types of vehicles. Any changes are listed below, and if nothing is listed, then assume that it applies to all vehicles.

Combat Driving, Fancy Driving, Off-Road, Vehicle Charging, Vehicle Jousting and Vehicle Ramming are all feats for ground vehicles only.

Build Vehicle must have a type selected for it - bike, car, truck or jetcopter.

Vehicle Doge is not available for semi-trucks or Large Jetcopters - they are just too big to be able to dodge properly.

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