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Skills function as normal, but there is one important addition and one change to the Redline skills.

Additional Skills:
The following skills from the Players Handbook or d20 Modern are also available for use. Demolitions, Disguise, Forgery, Gamble, Gather Information, Navigate, Perform, Research, Search.

New/Modified Skills:
The following are new skills for the game.

Computers are everywhere in the modern world. In the PeeZees they are everywhere for everyone to use, and vehicles mount them as standard. In addition, the Datanets can only be accessed by computers.

Check: Anyone with the computer skill can be expected to be able to operate a computer at a basic level - use them for word processing, accessing the datanets and so on. Programming requires rolls and a lot of time, and hacking also requires a roll. Hacking usually requires a plug for instance access, else it takes a lot of time to do properly.

To successfully hack another computer system, driving system or android, make a normal computer roll with the following DCs:

    25System Malfunction
    35System Hostility

Each Hack-Attack program used adds +5 to the die roll, whilst each Head-Hunter program adds subtracts 5 from the roll.

Results as per Dead Mans Curve, part 2 for use with driving systems and androids.

If the result is a negative number (due to Head-Hunter programs), then the hackers computer has been attacked by the Head-Hunters and almost certainly burnt out. If the Head-Hunters are programmed to attack the hacker personally, then each -5 (or fraction) below 0 causes 1d6 damage to the hacker, which armour or damage reduction won't protect against due to the fact that the plug and damage goes directly the characters brain and spinal column.

System Malfunction: The hack was successful, and the hacker may now take over one part of the computer system or grab some information.
System Hostile: The hacker can take total control of the computer system.

Retry: If the result wasn't negative, then retries are possible.

Special: If a plug is being used, then the user is effectively plugged into the datanets (although this is not like cyberspace) and most attempts at hacking or getting information is almost instantaneous. In addition, a plug allows anyone to use a computer and commit hacking attacks without having the computer skill, although they do need at least one Hack-Attack program. If a plug isn't used, then time increases dramatically as a keyboard has to be used.

Use the following categories from d20 Modern.

Arcane Lore
Behavioural Sciences
Current Events
Earth and Life Sciences
Physical Sciences
Popular Culture
Theology and Philosophy
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