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The world of Dark Future is dominated by the media. The media watches everyone, and almost anyone can get their five minutes of fame. This class represents one of the media darlings, someone who gets on the teevee box whenever they can, either with the latest story or interview, or just because they can. A media personality is someone who is more than just a journalist or teevee presenter, they have to have those skills as well, but to be noticed you need something more, something that grabs the viewers and says "watch me". You need to be someone who will track down that story, no matter what the odds, and then make it all about you, as if the story was there solely to sell you. The more notice you get, the more fans you get, and you know your life can only go up from there.

Game Rule Information:
Media personalities have the following game statistics.
Media personalities must come from a PeeZee or Town Native background.

Charisma is the most important ability to a media personality as appearance is everything. Sometimes Intelligence is useful too, but the appearance is the main thing. Dexterity can be useful for handling weapons when trouble strikes, and Wisdom allows the media personality to detect when that trouble may be coming.

Hit Die: 1d6

    1+0+0+0+2Bonus Feat
    2+0+0+1+2Hard Core Charisma (+1d4)
    3+1+1+1+3Spotlight (DC 15)
    4+1+1+2+3Groupies (1d2)
    5+2+1+2+3Summon Media Crew (2d6)
    6+2+2+2+4Hard Core Charisma (+1d6)
    7+3+2+3+4Bonus Feat
    8+3+2+3+4Spotlight (DC 25)
    9+4+3+3+5Grace Under Fire
    10+4+3+4+5Summon Media Crew (2d4)
    11+5+3+4+5Hard Core Charisma (+1d8)
    12+5/+1+4+4+6Groupies (1d6)
    13+6/+1+4+5+6Spotlight (DC 35)
    14+6/+2+4+5+6Bonus Feat
    15+7/+2+5+5+7Summon Media Crew (1d6)
    16+7/+3+5+6+7Hard Core Charisma (+1d10)
    17+8/+3+5+6+7Groupies (1d20)
    18+8/+4+6+6+8Spotlight (DC 45)
    19+9/+4+6+7+8Summon Media Crew (1d3)
    20+9/+5+6+7+8Bonus Feat

Class Skills:
Chatter, Computer, Drive, Fake Out, Forgery, Heal, Hide, Gamble, Gather Information, Knowledge (art), Knowledge (business), Knowledge (civics), Knowledge (current events), Knowledge (popular culture), Knowledge (streetwise), listen, Research

Skill Points at 1st Level: (8 + Int Modifier) x4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 8 + Int Modifier

Class Features:
All of the following are class features of the media personality.

Weapons and Armour Proficiency:
Media personalities are proficient with all advanced firearms, and light armour.

Bonus Feat:
Whenever a media personality gets a bonus feat, they may choose from the following list.
Dodge, Deceitful, Deft Hands, Diligent, Improved Initiative, Investigator, Iron Will, Leadership, Lightning Reflexes, Persuasive, Stealthy,

Grace Under Fire:
A media darling can develop amazing powers of concentration which can be very useful when trying to give an interview under combat conditions. As such, a media personality with this feat can always take 10 when dealing with acts of Charisma whilst in combat, and can be considered to be acting normally when others around them are scurrying like rats to find cover.

Whenever you get famous, you get groupies who know you and start to follow you around. This feat allows the character to attract the attentions of an amount of groupies listed for their level. These people will be of 0th level and may be able to perform small tasks for the character (like pass messages for autographs), and will range from the geek to screaming teen. Depending on how famous the character becomes, the games master may throw in the odd sociopath or higher lever groupie into the mix, but these are the exception rather than the norm.

Hard Core Charisma:
As in Redline.

Getting peoples attention is something that a media darling was born to do, and if there are people, then the media personality can attract them. This feat allows the media personality to get the attention of everyone within unaided eye and ear shot of them. Everyone within range, and who is not in combat, must make a Wil saving throw (versus the DC of the levels ability) or stop and give the media personality their attention. This feat does not make people like the media personality nor change any reactions, it simply makes them stop and look up. What the media personality does with the crowd is up to them.

Summon Media Crew:
As the media personality gets more popular, media crews start to follow them around, and start to appear at advantageous times. While these crews won't directly interfere with the character or their actions, they will film the characters actions and ask for interviews afterwards. This could be good or bad depending on how the actions went. A media crew can't just magically appear out of nowhere, but they could be following around in jetcopters or the like. A summoned media crew will arrive in the time given in brackets next to the level in turns. Media on the hunt are like hyenas around a kill...
To summon a media crew, the character must make a Charisma roll against a DC 25. A media crew can be summoned once per day, provided some event is going on that could be news. Which is pretty flexible really. Note that the summoning may be the character actually calling in the media crew, or could be considered pot luck that the crew was around.

Starting Equipment:
A media personality starts with $100,000 for vehicles (sports cars are a likely choice, no Interceptors or Renegades) and personal gear. Note that they must pay for their accommodation out of this money as well.

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