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Using Dark Future as a source of vehicle combat means that some feats need slight changes.

Automatic Weapons:
The following vehicular weapons are considered automatic: Chainguns, machine guns, autocannon, miniguns

Advanced Vehicle Weapons Proficiency:
All weapons in Dark Future vehicles, with the exception of passives, are Advanced. Anyone without this feat suffers a -1 to hit with vehicle weapons.

Born to the Turret:
You gain a +1 damage with vehicle weapons with this feat.

Combat Driving:
You gain +1 handling when driving a vehicle.
Once per turn, you may try and avoid a weapon hit. Declare the intent before the weapon is fired, it then receives a -1 to hit. A natural six on the weapons fire is still a hit.

Critical This!
Every level of this ability allows the character to add or subtract 1 to the die roll when rolling for the critical result on the vehicle target matrix.

Fancy Driving:
A driver with this skill may try and avoid a weapon hit as per Combat Driving, but unlike normal rolls, a natural six is not an automatic hit if the -1 modifier would make it a miss.
In addition, if you take a Driver critical hit, you may elect to re-roll the critical and make it a non-driver critical instead.

Each level of this feat gives a +1 when rolling to hit the target in vehicular combat.

Hard core driving:
Each level of this feat gives a +1 handling bonus.

Improved Critical:
If a target is hit and damaged in vehicular combat, but no critical damage is rolled, then this feat allows another d6 die roll. This roll doesn't inflict any extra damage, but if a 6 is rolled, then critical damage is scored. In essence, this feat gives two chances to score critical damage.

The character reduces all off-road handling modifiers by 1 (to a maximum of 0), and in addition, adds 5 mph to all Danger Speeds.

One Handed Driver:
This feat doesn't apply when using vehicle weapons.

Rapid Fire:
Once per turn, the gunner with this feat may declare that they are firing their weapons at rapid fire. This must be declared before any weapons are fired. All weapons fire receives a -1 to hit, but the weapon may fire twice in the phase. Both shots must be fired at the same target and in the same phase and only applies to automatic weapons.

The bonus is the amount that the character can over speed their engine in mph. The vehicle must be going at maximum speed to be able to use this ability.

Skill Focus:
Because vehicle skills work slightly different, this feat only gives a +1 bonus to vehicle driving skills, not the usual +3.

Suppression Fire:
When using automatic weapons fire, a gunner with this feat may fire into a lane adjacent to the normal fire corridor, and thus not usually able to be hit. Or, instead, all pedestrians within a single lane may be hit.

Vehicle Charging:
When making a ram attack, you deal extra damage to the target. The amount of damage depends on the type of damage inflicted. Note that this is instead of the Vehicle Ramming feat damage and replaces that.

Relative speed factor hit/combined speed factor hit/relative speed factor damage: The target takes a second hit of damage.

Combined speed factor damage: The target takes half again as many hits of damage inflicted (minimum +1 hit).

Vehicle Dodge:
Declare an opposing vehicle or opponent. All attacks from those targets receive a -1 to hit your vehicle.

Vehicle Focus:
Choose a specific type of vehicle (such as Interceptor, Renegade, Small Jetcopter etc), and gain a +1 handling bonus when driving it.
Each time this feat is chosen, a different type of vehicle must be chosen.

Vehicle Gunning:
Gain a +1 to hit when using vehicle weapons.

Vehicle Ramming:
This feat allows the driver in inflict more damage in a ram, while receiving less themselves. Note that if the target driver also has the feat Vehicle Ramming, then all ram damage given and received is as normal with no modifiers for this feat.

The actual damage given and taken depends on the type of ram damage:

Relative speed factor hit/combined speed factor hit/relative speed factor damage: Rammer receives a -1 to their damage roll, the target takes a +1 to their roll.

Combined speed factor damage: The rammer receives one less hit (minimum one hit damage), while the target receives one more.

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