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There is a lot of cyberware available to the discriminating road warrior, and here is where its effects are explained for those who really need to know...

Augmented Dexterity:
Each level of augmented dexterity gives a +2 Dexterity bonus.

Augmented Reactions:
Having augmented reactions gives the character a second full action each turn. This may not be used for movement though.

Augmented Speed:
Each cm of augmented speed increases a characters speed by 4'.

Augmented Strength:
Each level of augmented strength gives a +2 Strength bonus.

Bio Lungs:
Having a set of bio lungs halves any Creep points gotten from radiation or pollution sources. In addition, the character gains a +10 bonus to defeat any toxins, poisons or other aerial agents that are breathed in.

Body Armour:
Each level of body armour gives the character a damage reduction of 3 points. Fireproof armour will not be damaged by fire damage at all. Each level of soundproofing gives a +5 bonus to save against maxiscreamers.

Burner Optic:
An eye mounted burner weapon has the following statistics.

WeaponProfSizeDamageCriticalType RangeMagROF
Burner Optic--2d8x2P10-S

Internal Development:
Each point of internal development gives a character +5 hit points.
Because Redline uses different hit points than Dark Future, a character may buy a total amount of levels equalling half the value on their hit die. For example, a Marauder with a hit die of 1d12 may buy 6 levels of internal development, while a Redliner may buy 4 levels.

Regenerative Skin:
A character with regenerative skin will heal 1d6 points of damage each day during their sleep cycle.

Plaskin reduces all damage from falls and collisions by half. It does not effect weapon damage at all.

Reinforced Limbs:
A character with reinforced limbs will take damage normally, but will not suffer any additional effects that might effect the reinforced limb. Damage in the d20 System is usually non-specific, so the games master will have to determine when the reinforced limbs come into effect, but it should protect against broken bones and that type of damage.

Retractable Close Combat Weapons:
Retractable razors inflict 1d8 damage, while retractable claws inflict 1d12 damage.

Skill Library:
Each skill level bought is the equivalent of 2 ranks in the particular skill.

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