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The following is a list of equipment that people might find useful when dealing with the modern world.

Datanet-linked mirror shades$5,000-
These shades are wireless linked to the nearest datanet port and allow the user limited access to the datanets. Mainly they have selected channels broadcast to them, such as the news or sport, but these channels can be selected (via the not-so-small remote) so that they view entertainment or even local information channels. They may not be used for hacking and do not store information.
Anti-Biological (5 pills)$2,500-
Anti-Chemical (5 pills)$1,000-
Anti-Rad (10 pills)$1,000-
These three drugs are mainly medical drugs designed to stop the effects of certain agents in the environment. The anti-radiation drug is widely available, but the other two require a bit more of a search. If taken within 30 minutes of contracting the agent, or immediately if the agent has an effect other than just creep points, then the drug will allow the user to lose 1d6 creep points from that source. Only one application can be taken per hazard.
Morph-Plus (10 pills)$500-
Morph-Plus is a painkiller and spectrum anti-biotic all rolled into one. The end result is that the user has any pain deadened and their body now has a better chance at fighting off foreign infections caused through their wounds - the drug is of no effect against hazards or diseases. Morph-Plus does tend to make the user drowsier, but it can be combined with stimulants for added effect.
Stimulant (10 pills)$250-
Stimulants are a mixture of chemicals that are designed to alleviate the effects of tiredness and fatigue for a short period of time. Every dose take will stave off fatigue and tiredness for about an hour. However, after that time, the user will on a downer and the fatigue that they missed will catch up on them - the drug only holds the symptoms at bay, not get rid of them. Further doses of stimulants can be taken to ease this, but the total fatigue will catch up with the user. One dose of stimulant will simply require the user to have an extra hours sleep, each dose after that will require the doubling of the previous amount, so three doses of stimulant will require 4 extra hours sleep. This sleep will be heavy, so any light sleeping feats will be negated during this time. The maximum amount of stimulants that a person can take before their body gives up on them is equal to their CON/2. Stimulants come under many names, including Speed-Popsies and Glo-Jo.
Tranq (12 injections)$100-
Tranquillisers are designed to soothe and effectively knock out their user for about an hour or so. Very commonly used by those who want to forget. Unfortunately they can be quite addictive - if a user takes more than one dose in 24 hours, then every dose they take they must make a FORT Saving Throw (DC 12) or become addicted, requiring at least one dose every 24 hours, and suffering a -1 DEX and -1 INT. Tranq is available everywhere.
Vanity (1 dose)$15,000-
Vanity is a brand new drug on the market, available only to the very rich. It is being marketed as an anti-aging drug, designed to counter the effects of any aging. Whilst it has a market amongst the rich, it hasn't actually been around for long enough for the users to know if it actually works or not. One dose is required per week.
Plasti-skin spray$1,0000.5
Plasti-skin spray comes in a small spray can and is applied to cuts or wounds. The spray seals the wounds with a mixture of plasti-skin and anaesthetic that usually stabilises the wound and stops infection from setting in. In game terms, the spray can be applied once per wound (only) and it restores 1d4 hit points. It also stops any risk of infection from that wound and stabilises it until proper medical treatment can be given.
Sensi-chip implants$500-
A sensi-chip is the next step up from live-TV. Here, the chip is implanted directly into the user (via a plug) and the film is run, straight into the users brain. They give a more authentic feel to the film, accessing the viewers' own emotions to better effect. The filming of these chips is a much more complicated affair, so the availability of these chips is much more limited, hence the higher price. Most sensi-chips are of the porn variety as well, limiting their viewers a bit more, legally anyway. Unfortunately some snuff directors are using these chips to get more in the way of emotion and raw feel to their viewers, so manufacturers are currently being clamped down. When a viewer is 'watching' a sensi-chip, they still have some access to the real world, but all their skills are at -2. In addition, not everyone reacts well to these, and thus when a major event occurs in the film (someone gets killed, a horrific event occurs), the watcher must make a FORT Saving Throw (DC 15) or fall unconscious for 1d6 minutes. At the end, the watcher will want to eject the chip and they take 1 psychosis point.

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