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Not all attacks come from guns, there are many more devious and lethal objects out there.

WeaponProfSizeDamageCriticalType RangeMagROF
Large Power ToolAMedium3d619-20/x3P---
Small Power ToolASmall2d619-20/x2P---
Stun BatonAMedium*---

Prof: What weapon proficiency to be used when firing the weapon.

S Simple
A Advanced

The maxiscreamer is a powerful riot control device which works by sending out high pitched, incapacitating noise. A maxiscreamer has three zones with which it operates. The Inner zone has a 15' radius from the firer, the Middle zone is from 15-30', and the Outer zone is from 30-45' from the firer. A maxiscreamer will effect ALL targets within this stun, regardless of whether they are friend or foe.

A pedestrian caught in a zone must make Fort saving throws for every turn that they are in the zone. A zone has two DCs. If the first is failed, then the character takes the damage from being in that zone and is stunned - they may make no action for this or the next turn. If they fail the second roll, then they are merely stunned and may make no action for this or the next turn. Obviously, a stunned character will not be going anyway and must make another Fort saving throw for being in the maxiscreamer zone (if it is still turned on).

Sound proof armour provides a +5 bonus to the roll for each rating of sound proofing.
An android caught in the zone also takes damage as normal, but doesn't apply any stun results.

    Maxiscreamer ZoneDCEffects
    Inner30/501d4 damage, stun
    Middle25/401d4 damage, stun
    Outer15/301d2 damage, stun

It should be noted that their own weapon never affects the person using the maxiscreamer if they are carrying it around with them - they are at the centre of the storm where it is calm. However, if they drop the 'screamer and move on, then they are fair game. To be used continually, the maxiscreamer needs to have its 'on' button held done, which constitutes one of the characters combat actions.

Stun Baton:
A stun baton is designed to incapacitate rather than kill, by sending an electrical charge straight in to the target. A successful hit will cause 1d4 damage and require that the target make a Fort saving throw. against a DC 25-35. A failure (under 25) will cause the character to fall unconscious for about ten minutes. They may not be revived in the normal way. A failure (roll of 25-35) will cause the character to be stunned - they will lose this turns actions and the next turn. In addition, they must make another saving throw next turn (agianst a DC 25). Failure indicates that the character is still stunned that turn and must continue to make saving throws until they are not stunned.

A taser functions much like a stun baton, but has a limited ranged attack as well. However, if the ranged attack is used and hits, then the taser may no longer be used until the barbs have been retrieved from the target. However, a successful hit will cause the target to make a saving thrown against Fort like a stun baton and continue to roll for stun regardless of whether the barbs are in them or not.

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