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The Good Guys are a bunch of ex-police and army personal who have banded together to function as a Sanctioned Operative Agency. They are a high tech organisation, having more than one connection with the government (whatever that's worth) and the corporations. Possibly even overseas as well. The interesting thing is that they are British, but their reasons for leaving the Fair Isles and crusading against crime in the USA is unclear, but the words 'excessive' and 'firepower' do crop up a lot.

They are fairly corrupt less, not taking bribes or favours from their targets, but they are not angels, not in any sense, and sometimes their bounties end up looking like the they've been trashed by a gangcult.

They drive Interceptors and Jetcopters, but they are expected to function as well outside of their vehicles as in, and indeed, half of the team specialise in functions which don't have much to do with the road action.

The team consists of two parts - Team Base and the Strike Team.

Team Base:
Team Base is simply the main headquarters portion of the team. It covers all aspects of the unit and it's operations with the exception of actually running combat missions. It does all the investigative work, data running, organising of missions

Captain Beach:
A slightly rounded man, and the oldest member of the group (being in his mid forties), Beach has an excellent, almost intuitive grasp of tactics and the general feel of a situation. This makes him a dangerous man, and he can smell a trap a mile off. He commands by 'suggesting' tactics and ideas to the group, and then watches as his team follow those suggestions.

Stats: Biker 2, close combat 1, drive 4, gunner 1, handgunner 1.

Detective Sergeant Ash:
Ash is a man that follows orders and gets the job done, used to working on his own initiative a lot. He's the perfect second in command in that he never questions orders and obeys his instructions to the letter. He's also very good at making sure the others follow orders as well.

It is no secret that Ash and Beach are having an affair, although they don't display any acts of affection in public. After a few months of stringently denying this fact, they don't deny it any more, at which point the team have stopped giving them any hassle.

Bones is the criminologist and scientist of the team. He is skilled in medical and pathological practices, and is a capable chemist to boot. Bones is getting a bit rounded around the waist, and he prefers to be out of the actual combat action whenever possible, alone with his tests. Unfortunately as one of the jetcopter pilots, this is not always possible.

Stats: Drive 3, handgunner 2, jetcopter 4.

Strings is the man on the streets investigator, and his abilities for blending in and infiltrating corporations and gangs is legendary. Well, it's not because he's so good at the job. He is the main source of information and contacts outside the normal channels, and also acts as the fixer for any goods that the team acquires though the course of their duties.

Classification: Road bike Weight: 290 Cost: $49,500
Max Speed: 126 mph (146 mph) Acceleration: 54 mph (108 mph) Braking: 60 mph, Handling: 8
Occupancy: Cyclist.
Weapons: 4.2mm lightweight MG (f), 20mm lightweight GL (f).
Systems: Charger, computer drive, crash bars, NOX, oil injection, reinforced tyres, two-wheel drive.
Armour: 2 points CP each facing.

String's motorcycle is built for speed and evasion rather than combat. Strings knows the limitations of a bike in combat with other vehicles, and as such he tends to avoid road combat whenever possible. The two weapons are mainly anti-pedestrian weapons.

Stats: Biker 5, close combat 1, drive 2, gunner 1, handgunner 1.

Mark Kemp:
The fresh face of the team, although he's been with the team since inception, Mark is the public relations and PR guy. All contracts go through him, and he is the first point of contact for outsiders. He looks young and can act naive at times, but he has a first class strewed business mind, and knows how to play the game.

Stats: Gunner 1, handgunner 1, Jetcopter 2.

The Strike Team:
The Strike Team is there solely for the combat completion of a contract. As a result, the vehicles driven are a mixture of gunships, tanks and jetcopters. The Strike Team though are a bit out of control when not on a mission. This is when they use their talents for other desires, and think nothing off a little break-in and entry, looting, and acquiring other equipment. They have been known to set up their own little illegal rackets on the side. Team Base over looks this, provided it doesn't interfere with any actual missions.

Sergeant Dominic deSade:
DeSade is the leader of the Strike Team. He is a cool, calm and rational man, generally acting more than speaking. He is rumoured to have been a member of the SAS.

Classification: V8 interceptor gunship Weight: 1,760 Cost: $207,500
Max Speed: 108 mph Acceleration: 18 mp, Braking: 26 mph Handling: 5
Occupancy: Driver.
Weapons: Chain gun (with double load, total vertical swivel mount, turret), 2 heavy lasers (rear wings, linked facing forward).
Systems: Oil injection, passenger cage, reinforced tyres.
Armour: 4 points CP each facing.

DeSades car is designed to eliminate the target quickly and with the minimum of fuss. As such it isn't the quickest vehicle in the world, but it does have some serious firepower.

Stats: Close combat 2, drive 6, gunner 2, handgunner 2.

Bill Zeebub:
The biggest man of the team, and one who is quick to show off his talents and strength.

Classification: V12 multi-crew interceptor gunship Weight: 2,006 Cost: $224,500
Max Speed: 112 mph Acceleration: 20 mph Braking: 20 mph Handling: 4, 5 vs. HE
Occupancy: Driver and gunner.
Weapons: Turret with 15mm autocannon and 20mm GL (with TVSM in turret), 2 6mm machine guns (linked, swivel mounts, front wings), smoke passive, spike passive.
Systems: Passenger cage.
Armour: 4 points CP each facing, except front: 5, rear: 6, roof: 5.

Bill and Gary share the V12, with Gary being the gunner.

Stats: 4 CON points, close combat 2, drive 4, gunner 1, handgunner 2.

Gary Barwick:
Usually the jetcopter pilot of the strike team, although he's also a gunner with Bills Gunship. Unfortunately being black, Gary is in a minority group and does get a lot of flak from other people about his skin colour, especially down in the South. When this happens, Gary reacts a lot, and has been known to 'borrow' one of the jetcopters to teach the 'racist pig' a lesson or two. When not worked up though, Gary is usually calm and quiet and almost the perfect soldier.

Stats: Close combat 1, drive 2, gunner 2, handgunner 1, jetcopter 5.

Hugo Crippin:
Generally considered the ladies man, but also a capable martial artist as well.

Classification: V6 multi-role interceptor Weight: 1,290 Cost: $127,500
Max Speed: 100 mph Acceleration: 13 mph Braking: 30 mph Handling: 5
Occupancy: Driver.
Weapons: 7.62mm mini-gun with double load (hood, swivel mount), 2 linked 20mm GL (front wings), napalm passive.
Systems: Crash suppression, ejector seat, passenger cage, reinforced tyres.
Armour: 4 points CP each facing.

Hugo's machine is mainly about protection for the driver, which is very important if he is to remain the ladies man.

Stats: Close combat 4, drive 5, gunner 1, handgunner 2,

Company Jetcopters:
The Good Guys currently operate two Jetcopters. The first is a small scouting jetcopter. Designed to be fast and to track the target whenever possible, it is equipped with some powerful sensors. Weapons are light, but the mission is to track rather than fight. The second jetcopter is more of a gunship and transport jetcopter. It is sometimes used to take out the target if it seems that the Interceptors are going to have a hard time of it, and also for carrying the rest of the team to the crime scene.

Classification: Small multi-crew performance jetcopter Weight: 1,420 Cost: $181,500
Max Speed: 174 mph Acceleration: 29 mph Braking: 24 mph Handling: 3
Occupancy: Pilot and gunner.
Weapons: 7.62mm mini-gun with double load (right side, forward facing, swivel and vertical swivel mount), missile pod (under, forward facing).
Systems: Charger.
Armour: 2 points CP each facing, except front: 3, under: 3.

The Pursuit jetcopter is used to track and spot fast targets for the rest of the team. It's not intended to take care of the target (its armour isn't exactly strong enough for that), but depending on who is currently piloting the machine depends on whether that is carried out or not - Strike Team members generally always go for the kill.

Classification: Standard multi-crew multi-role jetcopter Weight: 2,875 Cost: $259,000
Max Speed: 188 mph Acceleration: 18 mph Braking: 20 mph Handling: 4
Occupancy: Pilot, gunner, 3x passengers, cargo area.
Weapons: 7.62mm mini-gun with double load (nose turret, with TVSM), 2 linked autocannon (side mounts, facing forward), 2 linked machine guns (forward), 3 small HE bombs.
Systems: Reinforced landing gear, rotor armour.
Armour: 3 points CP each facing.

This is the standard jetcopter used when carrying the team from one location to another, hopefully in safety. Despite it's fairly formidable armament, the machine wasn't originally used to go on the offence, its there as a deterrent to protect the team, although recently the craft has been used as a gunship to take out some hefty opponents, and if the target doesn't have any weapons capable of taking on a jetcopter, then the kill can be a fairly easy thing to achieve.

Ideas for Use:
The Good Guys can be found in all sorts of roles. They tend to avoid standard Op missions of taking out renegades or gangs, but concentrate on something a bit more strange, so they could be thought of being like a Dark Future version of the X-Files, although with a lot more teeth. They could be assigned to investigate the disappearance of prominent scientists, or hired to hush up these investigations. When off-duty, the Strike Team is usually up to no good (getting bored easily), and there has been usually more than one time when other Ops or law enforcement agencies have been hired to go get them.

They have been investigated by other agencies, after all, what is an English unit operating in the USA investigating out of the usual things?

The Good Guys are based on a comedy docu-soap on BBC2 about a mixed special police group and their situations, be it on the job, public relations, training and the like. Well worth a chuckle, although the third series did start to drag a bit.
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