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When Redd Harvest was originally interviewed back in the early '90s, technology was still new in certain areas, and one Interceptor was pretty much like any other. Now though, technology has advanced to the point that there is no such thing as a standard Interceptor anymore. Our reporters would have liked to have interviewed Ms Harvest to get her views on this subject, but instead felt it safer to simply get hold of readouts of what she drives.

This is thus an update to the original article about Redd Harvest, bringing her vehicles up to date with White Line Fever. It can be viewed as being completely unofficial.

G-Mek V12 Interceptor "Nola Gay":
Classification: V12 interceptor gunship Weight: 1,940 Cost: $212,000
Max Speed: 112 mph Acceleration: 20 mph Braking: 20 mph Handling: 6, 8 vs. HE
Occupancy: Driver.
Weapons: 2x missile pods (sides, facing forward, all HE missiles as standard), chaingun (hood).
Systems: Active suspension, missile computer.
Armour: 4 points each facing.

G-Mek Model 14 V8 Interceptor "Maid of Orleans":
Classification: V8 Performance Interceptor Weight: 1,960 Cost: $166,000
Max Speed: 124 mph Acceleration: 22 mph Braking: 22 mph Handling: 6
Occupancy: Driver.
Weapons: Chaingun (turret), 2x linked 15mm autocannons (forward wings).
Systems: Charger, reinforced tyres, turret computer.
Armour: 4 points each facing.

G-Mek Model 103S Interceptor "The Elite":
Classification: V8 multi-role interceptor Weight: 1,580 Cost: $92,000
Max Speed: 116 mph Acceleration: 22 mph Braking: 28 mph Handling: 5
Occupancy: Driver.
Weapons: 2x linked 6mm machine guns (forward wings), mine layer (passive), smoke layer (passive).
Systems: Passenger cage.
Armour: 4 points each facing.

This vehicle can mount heavier hood or roof weaponary depending on the circumstances of a particular mission.

90's Caddy, upgraded:
Classification: V8 performance sports car Weight: 1,200 Cost: $164,000
Max Speed: 144 mph Acceleration: 30 mph Braking: 38 mph (48 mph panic braking) Handling: 9, 7 vs. HE
Occupancy: Driver and passenger.
Weapons: 2x linked combat lasers (forward wings, concealed), mine layer (passive, concealed), smoke layer (passive, concealed).
Systems: Charger, enhanced computerised braking, robotic drive.
Armour: 2 points carbon plastic each facing.

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