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Like the article on the St. Louis Blues Sanctioned Op unit, it would appear that the reporters who chased down the Sand Cats weren't entirely accurate in their write-up. With the gangs reputation what it is, this isn't all that suprising, but obviously if someone is going to be tracking down the unit, they'll want the most accurate data around. We've sent out some new reporters, and the descriptions below are as up-to-date as can be expected.

The changes below mainly slow the vehicles down as it would appear that the weight of the vehicles (especially the bike) didn't tally up. All changes to the original article are listed below.
This should be considered unofficial errata.

Carlos "Sidewinder" Vasquez:
Classification: V12 performance renegade Weight: 1,785 Cost: $104,000
Max Speed: 142 mph Acceleration: 26 mph Braking: 20 mph Handling: 4
Occupancy: Driver.
Weapons: 15mm autocannon (with DU rounds, hood), 2x 6mm machine guns (forward wings), mine layer (passive)
Systems: Charger, reinforced tyres.
Armour: 3 points each facing, 4 points rear.

Theddore "Toddy" Williams:
Classification: V12 performace renegade Weight: 1,800 Cost: $174,500
Max Speed: 142 mph Acceleration: 26 mph Braking: 20 mph Handling: 6
Occupancy: Driver.
Weapons: Chaingun (turret), 2x 15mm autocannon (forward wings), spike layer (passive)
Systems: Active suspension, charger, passenger cage, reinforced tyres.
Armour: 3 points carbon plastic each facing, 5 points carbon plastic rear.

"Little Davey" Morten:
Classification: Heavy bike Weight: 950 Cost: $66,500
Max Speed: 75 mph Acceleration: 17 mph Braking: 37 mph Handling: 5
Occupancy: Cyclist.
Weapons: 2x linked 4.2mm machine guns (forward fairings), 2x linked 15mm autocannon (outrigger mounts), lightweight oil layer (passive)
Systems: Computer drive, crash bars, two-wheel drive.
Armour: 2 points carbon plastic each facing.

Little Daves bike was right out with weight, and even with performance based on that weight. With all the weapons and double load ammunition on the bike, the performance is somewhat lack-lustre, and the handling was appalling. You'll notice that I've added Computer drive to the bike - cost doesn't appear to be a problem with the Sand Cats, and looking at the original stats, I think the bike was meant to have it anyway, but it got missed from the sheet.

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