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The article on St. Louis Blues is, unfortunately, littered with some small errors, which is probably due to a mis-information strategy against the Plague Riders rather than any deliberate attempt to keep the information from the public.

What this means is some of the vehicles in the article are illegal or incorrect from a game point. Luckily, our tireless reporters have been on the case and have managed to obtain a correct data article. All changes to the original article are listed below.
This should be considered unofficial errata.

Jim Dermotty:
Classification: V6 interceptor tank Weight: 1,680 Cost: $115,000
Max Speed: 92 mph Acceleration: 13 mph Braking: 26 mph Handling: 5
Occupancy: Driver.
Weapons: Missile pod (roof, HE,SP,HE,SP,HE,SP).
Systems: Passenger cage.
Armour: 6 points each facing, 5 points floor and roof.

Jims car had illegal amounts of armour and was, for some reason, completely overweight as well. Reducing the armour and correcting the weight has given the car a performance boost.

Jules Mason:
Cost: $95,000
Don't look at the diagram of the Interceptor, it's wrong. There is only one 6mm machine gun, and it is mounted on the tailgate, facing to the rear.

Carl Beck and Joel Back:
Weight: 1,645 Cost: $88,200

Lucy Pemberton:
Cost: $95,000
Again, don't look at the diagrams orientation of the weapons - the rear tailgate lightweight combat laser is facing to the rear.

Jimmy McCorkindale:
Jimmy's vehicle is correct with all costs, weights and performance if you reduce the front and side armour to 6, which is the maximum legal amount for a vehicle.

Stavros Garvias:
Weight: 1,890 Cost: $102,000

Harry "Faster" Davis:
Weight: 910 Cost: $115,500

Lizzie Wyatt and Freeman Vanner:
Weight: 1,770

Hannibal Fry:
Weight: 2,080 Cost: $142,000
The rear armour value is 6.

Jodi Anderson:
Weight: 258 Cost: $115,500

Weight: 464 Cost: $51,000

Be careful when using the 50mm missile tube - remember that the basic stats are just for the launch tube - you then have to add the cost and weight of the missile that fits inside it!

A-cannon Anne:
Classification: Heavy bike Weight: 748 Cost: $52,000
Max Speed: 85 mph Acceleration: 20 mph Braking: 26 mph Handling: 5
Occupancy: Cyclist.
Weapons: 2 linked 15mm autocannons (outrigger mounts).
Systems: Oil injection
Armour: 2 points carbon steel all facings, +4 carbon plastic front, and 1 point carbon plastic each side.

The problem with this bike was the outriggers. To be able to mount an autocannon on a bike, you must use outriggers, and if you use outriggers, you must have two identical weapons to balance the mounts. The original design only included the weight of the one autocannon. Adding the second does give performance issues.

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