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Burt Gummer (5k)
"Doing what I can, with what I've got."

Burt Gummer (15k) Burt Gummer is a monster hunter. He goes where the monsters are and then sorts them out. A lot of people think that the monsters Burt hunts are gangs, and it is true that he has sorted out many of them and provided protection and aid to threatened towns. But to Burt, these aren't the monsters he's hunting.

Burt Gummer is a former US Special Forces soldier, and he's served in many theatres of war. During this time, he got slightly paranoid about the government and corporations, and left the wars to become a survivalist, settling in the small but defensible area of Perfection. Whilst here, he built a small self-sustained fortress to live in, and settled down with his wife. Unfortunately events intervened, and when the *CLASSIFIED* events were over, his building was destroyed, as was much of Perfection itself.

Burt emerged a changed man. Realising that surviving was a battle, and that the best defence is good offence, he left Perfection (after rebuilding the town and training the militia to incredibly well-equipped standards) to seek out his enemy. Funnily enough, since he left Perfection, no gangcult has managed to get through the defences of the small town. Rumour has it that there are other forces involved in the defence of Perfection, but there haven't been any survivors to report on the details.

The enemy is not quite readily apparent and certainly *CLASSIFIED*. However, whatever it is requires heavy weapons, and Burt is a master of weapons. Because of this, he is generally hired wherever he goes by towns and others to eliminate gangs and rogue individuals. Sometimes he accepts, sometimes he doesn't. To the casual observer, there seems to be no pattern as to when a job is accepted or rejected, but to Burt, everything has its reason. Sometimes he just helps people because at heart, Burt is one of the last of the good guys.

Burt Gummer believes in being prepared and having a plan. He always has a plan, even if it's just a short term one. He's also a master weaponsmith, being able to fabricate makeshift weapons on the spur of the moment. He's also fairly smart and not one to fall into traps that easily. A final aspect of his personality, is that he does whatever he has to do, and he puts the 'over' in 'overkill'. He uses the biggest possible weapons for the job, and always overcompensates rather than falling short.

Burt has travelled across most of North and South America on his monster hunts, and indeed, rumour has it that many of the governments of the countries that he's visited have actually hired him.
He has made the front cover of Guns and Killing and Soldier of Fortune several times.

One thing that Burt Gummer believes in, is humanity. He doesn't use cyberware - doesn't believe in it, in fact - and strongly believes that man doesn't need all the fancy gadgets stuck into them.

One of the many mysteries concerning Mr Gummer (other than what he's actually chasing), is where he gets his funding. In most of his encounters, Burt is usually blowing things up, even if it's his own gear to get the bad guy. Weapons and technology are tools, and if they get destroyed, then so be it, he can always get more. And he does. Someone is supplying Burt with the funds and capital to rebuild, and he has access to military grade weapons and equipment. And he can get hold of this stuff quite quickly too.

Stats: The actual details of the vehicle that Burt drives are left up to the gamesmaster to determine. Depending on the situation and his luck, he could be driving a V12 Interceptor, a V6 Renegade or a Truck. Whatever it is, it will mount the biggest guns that it can carry. Instead of 6mm machine guns, he'll use 15mm autocannon or better yet, chainguns. Lasers are useful for surgical strikes, and 40mm grenade launchers are always welcome. Remember, money is usually no object, just availability. The boot, backseat or any available cargo space will usually be full of small arms and explosives.

Close combat 3, driver 5, hand gunner 3, gunner 2, thrown weapons 3.
Burt Gummer can be expected to be loaded down with weapons when encountered. He will carry at least one pistol, an assault rifle and usually something else, like his favourite 12.7mm "Grisly Bear" Sniper Rifle (with DU rounds, of course!).

Burt is in his forties, not a well-built man, and he can quite easily pass unnoticed in a crowd. He does sport a moustache though, which he is quite found of.

Ideas for Use:
Burt is a character that can be found pretty much anywhere you like. He's usually searching for monsters, but can be found helping out small communities or eradicating small gangcults. If the characters are Ops or a small band operating against gangs, then Burt may assist if they need it. If the characters are a gangcult, then he can make a powerful enemy.

Burt Gummer is based on the character from the Tremors films and the series. A groovy set of films, highly recommended. The picture has been copied (without permission) from Sci Fi.com.
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