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The US Cavalry uses state of the art equipment when they're out on the roads, either acting as convoy escorts, hunting down gangcults or simply patrolling the highways. The cruiser is the most public showing of this technology, and indeed one of the most common signs that the US Cavalry really is still around and trying to push back the boundaries of civilisation.

The cruiser itself is a highly modified GenTech Interceptor, and these days comes complete with GenTech markings on the side showing their sponsorship. Not especially heavily armoured - although carbon plastic armour is used instead of carbon steel - the cruiser is well equipped. Weapons include two combat lasers mounted on the front of the vehicle, and a 7.62mm minigun slaved to a turret mounting. A passive smoke layer rounds out the normal defensive weaponry. However, the cruiser mounts more than just that. In addition, a maxiscreamer is carried for disabling crowds and dismounted gangcults, and two side mounted dischargers carry additional grenades for further crowd disperal.

After the weapons package comes the electronics, and the cruiser isn't shy there either. Robotic drive, computerised braking, and fire computers allow the vehicle to go where it wishes and still remain active. After all this, there is still room for a gunner to sit inside the vehicle, and even a small passenger seat in the back. This isn't really used for prisoners (they're usually picked up by jetcopter or special wagons) but mainly for observers or additional personnel and the wounded. Of course, none of this is without price though, and the cruiser is incredibly expensive - much more than most well equipped Op Interceptors. Still, as the Cavalry are found of saying "If General Custer had one of these, then history would have gone a bit differently".

Classification: V8 multi-crew multi-role interceptor Weight: 1,530 Cost: $265,500 + cost of discharger grenades
Max Speed: 132 mph Acceleration: 26 mph Braking: 34 mph (Panic Braking +10 mph) Handling: 8
Occupancy: Driver, gunner and passenger.
Weapons: 7.62mm minigun (total vertical swivel mount, turret), 2x linked combat lasers (vertical swivel mount, wings forward), 2x dischargers rear wings, facing side), smoke passive.
Systems: Enhanced computerised braking, gunner, maxiscreamer, reinforced tyres, robotic drive, turret fire computer.
Armour: 4 points CP each facing, rating 2 sound proofing.

The US Cav Cruiser was adapted from that found in the Jack Yeovil novels.
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