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The following items are useful when engaging in combat. There's nothing quite like being equipped for all occasions, and having a thick skin and multiple hidden weapons is always a bonus.

Body Armour:
A person who gets their skin replaced may also choose to get it strengthened and thus get the equivalent of some body armour. This costs a variable amount depending on the armour value of the armour, and is treated as normal pedestrian body armour, and also as normal Plaskin (so is bought instead of Plaskin). In this case, the skin has a saving throw of 7 minus the AV of the skin. It is combinable with Holoskin for an $18,000.

    AV 1 Skin$25,000
    AV 2 Skin$40,000
    AV 3 Skin$65,000
    AV 4 Skin$90,000
    AV 5 Skin$120,000
    AV 6 Skin$150,000

Body armour may be made fireproof at +$20,000.
Body armour may also be made sound proofed at +$10,000 per level (max 6 levels).
These prices are slightly higher than normal to account for the fact that flesh is harder to protect that normal armour.
Psychosis costs are 1 point per 2 AV of armour (round down, minimum 1).

Burner Optic:
This is a weapon system for a cybereye, which costs $6,000. If bought without a cybereye, then the weapon simply replaces a characters normal eye, and will not be able to used as a vision aid. The burner optic can function as either a standard short-range weapon, or as a close combat weapon. When functioning as a shooting weapon it has the following statistics.

    Range: 1Accuracy: +1Damage: +2Shots: 1/turnCost: $6,000

When functioning as a close combat weapon, the accuracy may be added to the close combat roll to hit.

The weapon functions on a small internal rechargeable battery, which gives it unlimited shots, however it may only fire once per turn and counts at the users shoot action.
If the burner optic is to mounted in a cybereye, then there is no additional psychosis cost above that of the eye itself, however if a cybereye is not installed, then the cost is 1 psychosis cost.

Retractable Close Combat Weapons:
These are special claws that are contained within the arm and extend when needed to give the character an inbuilt close combat weapons.

Razors extend out to about ten centimetres and are usually located in the characters hand, extruding through the fingernails. They cost $3,000 and inflict +1 damage in close combat.

Claws are much bigger, being about a foot or so in length. They extend out the wrist joint in the arm. They cost $5,000 and inflict +2 damage in close combat.

If a character already has cyberarms, then there is no psychosis cost for razors or claws, else the cost 1 psychosis point per weapon.

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