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Cyberware comes in all shapes and sizes these days. In fact, the only thing that limits cyberware is the amount of money you have to spend on it.

No cyberware is simply a single item. Buying a cyberlimb for instance, isn't just about buying a replacement leg. While the leg is indeed bought, connections have to be made to the rest of the body to allow it to use that leg, which includes attachments to the spinal column, muscles and so on. Some implants feed directly into the brain stem as well. It is this constant invasiveness that leads to the loss of humanity in a person, as they literally replace themselves with metal.
However, despite what the vids want to tell you, there are parts of the body that cannot be replaced - the brain and the spine.

All psychosis and real costs are listed per item.

This section deals with additional cyberware for use in Dark Future.
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Internal Development
Weapons and Armour

Augmented Dexterity:
Augmented Dexterity is a combination of devices and brain implants that speed up the response time of a character. They can analyse events and plan their reactions as everything happens, seeming to see everything in slow motion. These characters tend to be impatient and always on the move in some fashion.

In game terms, augmented dexterity allows the character to go first in the pedestrian phase when on foot. If in a vehicle, then the character will go first if travelling at the same speed as anyone else. In addition, the cyberware comes in ratings (1-6). Each rating means that anyone attacking the character (in close combat, with guns or in a vehicle) - that the character can see - has a -1 to their to-hit. These penalties do not apply unless the character is on foot and out of a vehicle, and can see the firer. They can't dodge what they can't see.

If multiple characters have augmented dexterity, then the highest rating will go first, or if the rating are all the same, then they will take their actions simulataneously.

Each rating costs $40,000.
Having Augmented Dexterity costs 1 psychosis point per rating.

Augemented Reactions:
Augmented reactions is an add-on for Augmented Dexterity, and takes the system one step further. By speeding up the reactions of the body even further, the character can move so fast that as well as reacting before anyone else, they can actually have performed an action, and then another one when everyone takes their action.

This cyberware gives the character a second action. Unless this is combined with augmented speed, this cannot be a second movement action.The character takes their second action in the Second Pedestrian Phase.

If in a vehicle, the character may gain a second shoot action which may be used once per turn. Due to mechanical restrictions, this second shoot action may be taken with the same weapon that phase, so a weapon will be able to fire twice in a phase (exception: weapons like lasers which only fire once per turn may still only fire once per turn due to the mechanical restrictions of the weapon itself). This second action must be a shoot action and cannot be used to steer and move the car twice in the phase in which it is used. This second action must be used in a turn (if it going to be used) and may not be saved up for future turns - use it or lose it.

Augmented Reactions costs $50,000 and 1 psychosis point (regardless of rating), and requires that the character already has Augmented Dexterity at a rating of at least 2.

Augmented Speed:
This cyberware increases the leg muscles of a character, and increases the speed at which they can move.
This allows the character a second move action to be taken in the Second Pedestrian Phase.

Augmented speed is bought in ratings, with each rating giving a +1 cm speed increase. There is a maximum of +8 cm that can be bought with this cyberware. It has no effect whilst the pedestrian is in a vehicle.

While this can be combined with the running skill, the maximum speed that can be achieved by a pedestrian is 16 cm per turn.

This costs $25,000 per rating. There is a psychosis cost of 1 per 2 cm (round down, minimum 1), which is reduced by 1 if the character has cyberlegs (to a minimum of 0 psychosis loss).

Augmented Strength:
Augmented Strength is more than simply increasing the muscle strength of a character. If you did that, then the first time you tried to lift something beyond your natural strength, you'd rip the limb off. Instead, these set of implants increase the muscle strength as well as the bracing to the rest of the skeletal structure so that limbs are joined and anchored to the rest of the body, allowing the whole body to share the load being carried. A character with augmented strength is visible by their unnatural muscle build.

Augmented strength comes in ratings. Each rating allows the character to carry an additional 50 weight to each bracket of the encumbrance table. In simple lifting, each rating allows the character to lift 100 weight, but not for long periods. In addition, each rating gives the character a +1 damage bonus in close combat or when throwing non-grenade weapons (such knives or rocks).

Finally, a character with augmented strength is strong enough to attack stationary vehicles. They may make close combat attacks against vehicles, and is successful, inflict 1d3+ strength rating damage. This is treated like normal damage.

Each rating costs $25,000 and there is no limit to the amount of ratings that may be bought, however, each two ratings cost 1 psychosis point (round down, minimum 1).

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