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Even ZeeBeeCee's Arnie can't carry everything and continue with his keep fit routine, and if he can't do it, then neither can the ordinary Joe.

Equipment weighs, and the more weight that a person carries, the more they struggle with it. This struggle is shown in game terms by a movement penalty. The more weight that a person carries, the slower they become. To determine this, calculate the weight that a person is carrying from the lists below, and then using the table below, work out the movement penalty, which is applied whenever the character is moving on foot.

For example, a NoGo gangcult member is carrying two submachine guns, three grenades, is carrying a flak vest and has a chainsaw strapped to her back for those day-to-day events. All of this weighs 26. This confers a movement penalty of -1 cm, thus reducing the gangcults total movement to 7 cm.

    Weight CarriedMovement PenaltyRunning Skill

Running Skill:
While everyone can carry weight and move with it, weight does effect a person's ability to sprint. As such, the table above lists a percentage of the running skill that can be used when carrying a certain weight. This percentage will usually be a fraction, round these down with a minimum value is 1 cm.

For example, a NoGo police officer carrying 60 weight and with a running skill of 3 is sprinting for his life. The movement penalty for 60 weight is -3 cm, and only 75% of the running skill may be used - which is 2.25 or 2 rounding down - for a final penalty of -1 cm.
If the officer was carrying a 5.56mm minigun (-6 cm penalty), then the final penalty would be -5 cm (only 10% of the running skill can be used, or 1 in this case).

Armour Penalties:
Armour penalties still apply with these rules, but they do not stack with encumbrance penalties. Instead, use the worst penalty - either armour or encumbrance.

Thus a NoGo SWAT officer carrying 25 weight and wearing heavy armour would suffer a -2 cm movement penalty due to the armour. If the weight increased to 58, then the penalty would increase to -3 cm.


    See the Weapons Table for gun weights

    Close Combat Weapons
    Chainsaw/Large power tool10
    Knife/Short Sword/Small Power tool1
    Stun baton3

    Ammunition and Reloads
    Magazine / one reload for weapon20% of weapon weight (min 1)
    Extended magazine40% of weapon weight (min 1)

    Carried Passives
    Pattern Mines20

    Flak Jacket5
    Kevlar Suit10
    Light Armour20
    Heavy Armour35

    General Equipment
    Gas Mask1
    Laser sight1
    Portable Fire Extinguisher10
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