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Consult the Guns or Ammunition and Reloads page for specific details about these weapons and ammuntion, including special rules and notes.


GP reload (2 shots)5-1-1$201
.38 Revolver6$1251
GP reload (6 shots)6+0+0$751
SS reload (6 shots)6+0+1SS$2501
9mm Automatic pistol12$2501
GP reload (12 shots)6+0+0$1001
SS reload (12 shots)6+0+1SS$5001
9mm Skorpion machine pistol4$5002
GP reload (4 shots)4+1+0$1751
SS reload (4 shots)4+1+1SS$7001
.44 Heavy pistol6$5002
GP reload (6 shots)6+0+1$1501
SS reload (6 shots)6+0+2SS$8001
.50 Heavy pistol6$7503
GP reload (6 shots)6+0+2$2001
SS reload (6 shots)6+0+3SS$1,1001

12 ga Auto shotgun4$7506
GP reload (4 shots)6+3+0$1501
BS reload (4 shots)6+4-2$1501
Solid reload (4 shots)6+1+1$1501
SS reload (4 shots)6+3+1SS$6001
12 ga Pump action shotgun6$5005
GP reload (6 shots)6+2-1$1501
BS reload (6 shots)6+3-2$1501
Solid reload (6 shots)6+0+1$1501
SS reload (6 shots)6+2+0SS$6001
12 ga Double-barrelled shotgun2$5003
GP reload (2 shots)6+2-1$501
BS reload (2 shots)6+3-2$501
Solid reload (2 shots)6+0+1$501
SS reload (2 shots)6+2+0SS$2501
10 ga Heavy shotgun6$8007
GP reload (6 shots)6+2+1$2502
BS reload (6 shots)6+3+0$2502
Solid reload (6 shots)6+0+3$2502
SS reload (6 shots)6+2+2SS$8002
9mm Submachine gun6$7504
GP reload (6 shots)6+1+0$3001
SS reload (6 shots)6+1+1SS$8001
5.56mm Assault rifle6$7505
GP reload (6 shots)12+1+0$4001
SS reload (6 shots)12+1+1SS$1,0001
7.62mm Battle rifle6$1,0008
GP reload (6 shots)12+1+1$6002
SS reload (6 shots)12+1+2SS$1,5002
.303 Vintage rifle5$3008
GP reload (5 shots)12+0+1$1002
.458 Winchester Rifle5$1,5009
GP reload (5 shots)12+1+2$7502
.458 Modern5$2,0008
GP reload (5 shots)12+2+2$7502
DU reload (1 shot)12+2+3AP$6002
SS reload (5 shots)12+2+3SS$2,0002
.50 Sniper rifle5$10,00010
GP reload (5 shots)20+1+3$1,0002
DU reload (1 shot)20+1+4AP$7502

Heavy Weapons
5.56mm Minigun6$10,00070
GP reload (6 shots)12+2+2$2,000
DU reload (1 shot)12+2+3AP$1,750
SS reload (6 shots)12+2+3SS$8,000
7.62mm Minigun4$12,000100
GP reload (4 shots)12+2+4$2,500
DU reload (1 shot)12+2+5AP$2,000
SS reload (4 shots)12+2+5SS$6,500
20mm Grenade launcher12+0*6$5,0009
See Grenades below for ammunition
20mm Under-barrel GL12+0*1$2002
See Grenades below for ammunition
Flame reload6+2+3$10,00030
Laser carbine20+2+110$10,00050
Rocket propelled grenade launcher1$1,00012
HE reload (1 shot)12+0+8HE$5005
AP reload (1 shot)12+0+5AP$5005
Stinger Surface-to-Air missile*+0+6AP1$15,00030

20mm AP+1AP1$2001
20mm HE+3HE1$2501
20mm Phosphor*1$2001
20mm Shot6+3-11$1501
20mm Smoke*1$501
20mm Teargas*1$1001

All weapons include the cost and weight of 1 reload of normal ammo (GP ammo, HE grenades or missiles)

    GPGeneral Purpose, the standard round for weapons
    BSBird Shot
    DUDeplete Uranium
    HEHigh Explosive
    APArmour Piercing
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