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All weapons need ammunition, and it's handy to know how much it costs when your weapon runs out on you. The following table lists the reload costs for the general hand weapons available.

For costs and stats, see the Weapons Table.

General Purpose (GP) Rounds:
GP rounds are the basic ammunition for all weapons, and when a weapon is bought, it comes with a single load of GP. For most weapons, this is simply the standard ball ammuntion, but for shotguns GP represents a buckshot ammo.

Bird Shot (BS) Rounds:
These rounds are for shotguns only. The basic shotgun round is buckshot, which is a cartridge filled with 00 pellets. Very effective at close range with accuracy and damage. Birdshot takes the concept a stage further, filling the shotgun case with 000 pellets. These are smaller and do less damage, but they fill the area with more pellets greatly increasing the chance of a hit.

ScumStopper (SS) Rounds:
Available for projectile hand weapons only, these rounds share a lot in common with the heavier AP rounds for vehicular weapons, and indeed they function the same but only effecting pedestrian armour. Shotguns may use this ammunition, representing magnum or flechette loads.
Against pedestrians, they inflict an additional +1 damage, and all damage is AP.
Against vehicles, these rounds are treated as normal non-AP rounds without the +1 damage.

To denote a weapon carrying ScumStopper rounds, mark them as SS, thus an assault rifle would do +1 SS damage.

Solid Rounds:
Another shotgun round, these are effectively large bullets for shotguns. The cartridge isn't filled with pellets, just a standard shot. Accuracy of the shotgun decreases as there aren't lots of pellets filling the area, but damage increases as the single shot blasts a way through the opposition.

RPG AP rounds:
The RPG may be bought with an AP round which does +5 AP damage, but otherwise functions as normal.
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