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One thing that cyberware cannot replace, is grey matter. The brain is something that modern technology just can't do without just yet. But it can augment it, and using computers and storage technology, a well equipped cyborg can learn just about any skill they want without actually having to learn it.

There is no limit to the amount of plug programs and skill libraries that an individual may install in their head, although the additional firmware does cost additional psychosis points, however the individual must have a plug installed.

A plug costs $30,000 and takes 2 psychosis points. With it, the user can now carry software in their head and engage in hacking and datanet transfer using their brain. A plug provides space for six programs (not program ratings) for free. Additional program space (including skill librarys) costs 1 psychosis point per six programs, or fraction.

A user may carry multiple plugs, each providing free space for six programs, although a maximum of three may be used for any one task.

Plug Programs:
There are additional programs that can be used with a plug. These include:

There is one drive package per vehicle skill. The truck package costs $18,000, while the jetcopter software costs $25,000.

This package gives the user exceptional combat reflexes and accuracy with their vehicular weapons. It requires the user to have artificial eyes and costs $5,000 per level of the skill.

Skill Library:
A skill library is an insert into the characters brain, which adds additional skills, and knowledge that the character can access. When needing information, the brain will access any skill plugs that might be present and turn the character into a walking encyclopaedia of knowledge. However, knowing nothing and being able to use it are two different things. Just because a character has a physics degree in their head doesn't necessarily mean that they will immediately understand what they know. Just because you have a skill that allows you to disarm bombs doesn't mean that you have the manual dexterity to do it properly. As such, once a skill plug is inserted, it is recommended that the character spend some practising their new knowledge so that when it is needed for real, they'll be up to scratch.

Skill libraries do require a plug, and cost $5,000 per level of skill installed. A single skill library costs no psychosis points, but see above for space requirements. Each skill library is treated as a single program for space.

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