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Humanity. Everyone has it and everyone is born with it. It is what defines us and makes us human. However when you start to lose your body to invasive cyberware, humanity starts to get lost until eventually the wearer starts to lose their personality and emotions and becomes more and machine-like themselves.

Dark Future uses Psychosis points to represent people going slightly mad and eccentric due to their lifestyles and combat and then tacks on cyberware almost as an after thought. This system uses Humanity to represent the gradual loss of personality, individualism, emotions and an embrace of logic.

Note: Humanity loss is mainly a role-playing aspect and has little impact in an actual road combat game.

Humanity and Loss Of:
Every character starts with a total of 40 Humanity points. Every time a character gains cyberware they gain psychosis points as normal, but in addition they subtract the psychosis point loss from their Humanity. Unlike normal psychosis, once Humanity is reduced it cannot be regained.

Effects of Humanity Loss:
Humanity loss affects the way that cyber-users deal with normal people and vice versa. Heavy cyber-users are more comfortable around other cyber-users who are less illogical and less emotional. This is reflected in the following table. When two people are conversing with each other, making deals or socialising, compare the humanity of the two people and consult the following table. This gives a modifier that should be used in all reaction, discussion, barter, trader and similar rolls between the two parties.

    Humanity DifferenceReaction Modifier

Recovering Humanity:
You don't. Once you start to replace your body with cyberware, there is no going back. While normal psychosis points may be recovered, your Humanity can't. There is only the slippery slope to becoming the machine.

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