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Creatures of Legend, I (5k)

This is only a small smattering of the creatures that inhabit this world and dimension with us. It mainly involves beings that interact with humanity, or can be defeated by us, and as such, it doesn't include deities or the Gods themselves. If they showed up, it wouldn't matter what hardware you were totting, in the end it would all end the same way. In addition, only mythos creatures relevant to the dysfunction United States are here.

Byakhee are mainly a summoned race on Earth. While they can be encountered in space on their travels (possibly with riders), here they mainly respond to calls from those whom they serve, and could be found trying to kill people or transport them in the night.
    Close combat attacks: 2x bite and claw attacks (+3 damage)
    Can fly (MV 50 mph, acceleration and deceleration 25 mph)
    Counter: 3cm x 3cm

Dark Young:
The Dark Young are found in areas where Shub-Niggurath is worshipped, and are her thousand young. They are large creatures, formed out of tentacles, with great mouths dripping green slime. They stamp around on their four hooves. Mainly summoned by worshippers of Shub-Niggurath, they come forth on promises of sacrifice to render their enemies asunder.
    Dark Young80305+3
    Close combat attacks: 4x tentacle attacks. These can attack any targets within 1 space of the creature (using close combat skill). Each tentacle does +5 damage.
    1x trample attack (+9 damage). A trample attack can only be used in a move phase.
    Counter: 8cm x 8cm
    Notes: All non-close combat weapons do 1 point of damage, regardless of what is rolled. Close combat weapons do normal damage. Attacks dependent on heat, blast effects, electrical or poison have no effect. This means that flame weapons will not effect the creature, nor will any burst effects.

Deep One:
Deep Ones are an aquatic race that mainly serves Cthulhu. They are one of the more active races in the Cthulhu Mythos, interacting and breeding with humans. They used to be found along coastal regions, or sometimes inland in the great lakes. With the lake of water in the middle of the United States now, they only reside along the coast. However, with the rise of the coastal waters, they have begun to infiltrate the cities, living underneath, breeding with the population and getting ready for the rise of R'lyeh and their master.
    Deep One8142+0
    Close combat attacks: 1x claw (+1 damage).
    They use hunting spears a lot (+2 damage).
    Can swim (MV 35 mph, acceleration and deceleration 15 mph)

Dimensional Shambler:
A dimensional shambler is a summoned creature from another dimension. They wander between the dimensions of the worlds. They are mostly found on Earth because they have been summoned. They are one of the most widely used summoned creatures, and play a big part in multicorp politics where people simply disappear.
    Dimensional Shambler7262+2
    Close Combat attacks: 2x claw attacks (+4 damage) or 1x grapple
    Notes: If a target is successfully grappled, then next action, the shambler may phase into another dimension holding whatever it is they have grappled or taken. That person or object will never be heard off again.

Ghasts live in the underground caves and tunnels that riddle the Earth. They don't venture into sunlight as that would sicken and kill them. However, they do roam beneath cities, taking those that foolishly venture too deep, or else eating one other. Ghasts are primitive but savage.
    Close combat attacks: 2x bite and kick attacks (+6 damage)
    Counter: 3cm x 3cm

Ghouls are horrid creatures that eat the dead, and are mainly found where humans bury their dead. Closely linked to witches, they live underground, mainly in the sewers and tunnels under cities and places where they can get at their food supply. They do attack and kill humans who venture too close to their homes, and it is certainly possible for a human to transform into a ghoul over time. They shun the sunlight.
    Close Combat attacks: 2x bite and claw attacks (+2 damage)
    Notes: All non-close combat weapons do half damage.

Hunting Horror:
These flying serpents with their constantly shifting bodies, are mainly on Earth due to a summoning, when they are ordered to seek out the lives of others. Sometimes they are used to transport the gods themselves. They are dispelled by sunlight and a very strong burst could turn one to dust.
    Hunting Horror7494+2
    Close combat attacks: 1x bite attack (+1 damage), 1x tail attack (this inflicts no damage, but holds the character and then fly off with them)
    Can fly (MV 50 mph, acceleration and deceleration 25 mph)
    Counter: 8cm x 40cm

Lesser Other God:
A Lesser Outer God is usually a mindless being, worshipped only by small cults. When summoned, they bring only destruction, but sometimes they can also provide protection and power to their followers, if only for a short time.
    Lesser Other God70284+4
    Close combat attack: 1x smash attack (+9 damage)
    Counter: 12cm x 12cm.
    Notes: 'Killing' a lesser god will merely dispel it.

The Mi-Go have been on this worlds for millions of years. Their main colony is on Yuggoth (Pluto), but they have numerous colonies and mining operations on the top of mountain peaks. Usually they leave man alone (save for those that get too close), but with man on the retreat, they have started encroaching further. One interesting aspect is that Mi-Go cannot be photographed - photographic chemicals cannot pick them out.
    Close combat attacks: 2x claw attacks (+1 damage), If both attacks hit, then the target can be considered grappled, and the Mi-Go may take off with them.
    Can fly (MV 50 mph, acceleration and deceleration 20 mph)
    Counter: 3cm x 4cm
    Notes: All weapons do minimum damage. In addition, Mi-Go are immune to Maxiscreamers and weapons that act on the nervous system (like Tasers).

Mi-Go are the masters of bioengineering and have created some useful implements to assist them in their plans.

Bio armour: This gives the wearer a +4 AV bonus.
Electric gun: The electric gun is a large and powerful weapon operating on the principles of electricity. A successful hit means that the character must also roll for KO in addition to normal damage. Failure equals death for the character as their nervous system gets a massive jolt. Success still means that the character is stunned.

    Accuracy: +0Damage: +3Range: 6Weight: 1

A mummy is an old creature, usually the result of a ceremony to create guardians for temples, although new ones are still being created. Weapons don't really do much damage as a mummy has to be hacked apart to be destroyed, although flame weapons are very effective.
    Close combat attack: 1x punch (+2 damage)
    Notes: All non-burst weapons (like guns) are useless and do no damage. Close combat weapons do normal damage. Flame weapons do normal weapons. There is an additional -1 to extinguish the flames though, the bandages making it difficult.

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