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Humanity has only been on the Earth for a short time, and even now we know almost nothing about it. Billions of years ago, long before the dinosaurs of old, races were living, warring and worshipping their gods here. Cities and civilisations rose and fell. Over time more races came, others fell. Humanity is a later comer, and even then he has known great civilisations of his own before history records.

But the Earth is not ours.
And When The Stars Are Right, it will be taken away from him. For not all of the beings of the past have disappeared. Some still exist, hiding away in the shadows, waiting, biding their time. Some are sleeping, awaiting the time when they shall awaken to reclaim what is theirs. And others still visit, either summoned by sorcerers with promises of power, or they come here for their own purposes.

Some know this, and they worship the beings, the gods that dwell here. Some fear this and try to stop it. However, how to you stop what can't be stopped?

For eons they have been content to play their games, sleep and wait in the shadows for man to have his day. But now, that day is almost up. The sleepers stir, the watchers are stepping out of the shadows, the time has come.

And man has only made it easier for them. With the breakdown of the government, with the rise of multicorps, with law and order dead, things that should not be, can be, and there is no one to stop them. Those in power are probably there due to their worship and rituals, and the underdog wants to get that power by summoning things that should not be summoned. ItŐs in all the papers and on the news. The breakdown of the laws of nature and physics, the rise in unexplained phenomena, the sightings of new and strange creatures. The signs are there, and The Stars Are Almost Right. Even now, some try to help them break through these boundaries of space and time, and even now, almost no one knows that the Earth very nearly didn't make it in the New Millennium.

But there are some who are trying to halt this progress. While law, order and society breaks down, there are some, the lone few, who guard the boundaries of sanity. The small office in the FBI building is still staffed by an overworked, underpaid and unrespected agent. And while we fight amongst ourselves for control of an environmentally stable planet, be glad that they too don't share a common plan.

It is perhaps a good thing that the various space projects have been closed, since who knows whether mankind is ready to face them in their own back yard?

The Cthulhu Mythos is very much alive and screaming in the Dark Future.

If you read the novels and get the hints from the rulebook, the Cthulhu Mythos is most definitely around in Dark Future. They use the term Chaos, but they don't hide what's underneath it. As such, I present a few of the Mythos creatures that can be found in the world of today. I'm not going to be leaping into the Mythos itself, that can be found elsewhere (for a good starting point, visit Chaosium, the makers of The Call of Cthulhu role-playing game), only describing bits and pieces.

For those with the Delta Green sourcebook, this is not that world. The mythos hasn't retreated, the Mi-Go aren't the big bad, and large-scale organisations don't exist to counter the threat. This is more the world of the original Call of Cthulhu, where lone groups of adventures try to stem the tide, while multicorps do their thing and poison the world. The Stars are getting right, and the Great Old Ones are stirring again.

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