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A nightgaunt is a summoned creature from the Dreamlands that only comes out at night. Not very intelligent, they mainly just do as they're told. They attack by 'tickling' their foes. This does no damage but does immobilise the target so that it can be transported off to another location. A tickle can be used through any sort of pedestrian armour - the nightguant tail is able to get through even the smallest crack or niche.

    Close combat attacks: 1x grapple. This does no damage, but immobilise the target so that they can be transported to a far away place, from whence they will not return.
    Can fly (MV 60 mph, acceleration and deceleration 25 mph)
    Counter: 3cm x 3cm

Sand Dweller
What was once an obscure race may not be as rare as what was once thought. With the entire of the interior of North America now a great desert, the Sand Dwellers roam more freely than before. They only come out at night, and live in caverns under ground, preferring desert areas.
    Sand Dweller8252+0
    Close combat attacks: 2x claws (+2 damage)

Serpent People
This race has already known great civilisations long before the advent of man, and has built great societies and cities that now lie in ruins and buried. They were here before the dinosaurs and their last citadel was destroyed around 10,000 BC. Pockets of degenerate Serpent People still exist in far out of the way places, and hibernating wizards sleep, to waken every few thousand years, to man's dismay. Some may even be awakening now to help fulfil their Gods destiny.
    Serpent People8132+0
    Close combat attacks: 1x bite attack (+2 damage). This bite will also inject poison for long-term effects. This bite attack may be made in addition to any other close combat attack.
    Notes: Can use any human weapon.

Noisy, loathsome and the steeds of the servitors of the gods amongst the stars. Shantaks are generally summoned beasts on Earth, but only by the careful as they have been known to carry unwary guests straight to the throne of Azathoth at the centre of the universe. They are afraid of Nightguants and will flee them.
    Close combat attacks: 1x bite attack (+9 damage)
    Can fly (MV 100 mph, acceleration and deceleration 25 mph)
    Counter: 6cm x 10cm

Animated warriors and guardians of sorcerers and wizards, skeletons are the stuff of legend. They move like humans, but what keeps the bones together in the animation process is unknown. They are difficult to destroy as the bones have to be shattered.
    Close combat attacks: Can use any close combat weapon
    Notes: If a skeleton is hit by weapons roll 1d6. If the result is equal to or less than the + damage of the weapon, the skeleton is destroyed. A 1 will always destroy the skeleton regardless of weapon damage.

Star-Spawn of Cthulhu
When the great city of R'lyeh sank, not all the occupants sank with it. The Star-Spawn are servants of Great Cthulhu and resemble a smaller version that Old One. The face is covered with tentacles that can be used to attack multiple targets, or the beast can use its massive fists to inflict incredible damage. Powerful and intelligent, these creatures communicate with their brethren in the stars and work ceaselessly to bring about the time when R'lyeh will rise once more.
    Star-Spawn of Cthulhu205265+5
    Close combat attacks: Either 4x Tentacles (+6 damage) or 1x Claw (+12 damage)
    Each tentacle must be aimed at different targets.
    Can swim (MV 60 mph, acceleration and deceleration 20 mph) or can fly (MV 60 mph)
    Counter: 12cm x 12cm
    Notes: A Star-Spawn regenerates 2 CON points automatically at the beginning of every turn.

Zombies are the dead animated to serve their masters. Zombies in the Mythos retain most of their previous faculties and skills, although 'modern' zombies seem more eager to eat brains rather than be intelligent.
    Close combat attacks: 1x punch (+2 damage), or as close combat weapon
    Notes: All non-close combat weapons do 1 point of damage. Close combat weapons do normal damage.

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