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Despite being frowned upon by the general civilian populace, androids still see a lot of use, especially by the security forces, who view them as pre-trained expendable troops. Albeit, expensive ones.
The following is just a tiny selection of what is available for the discriminating user.

Typical Security Android:
The security android is just that, an average example of what firms use these days for the non-lethal subdual of crowds and individuals. The androids are reasonably armoured, but they won't stand up to heavy combat. Instead they are supposed to take on lightly armed mobs instead of combat troops. The grenade launcher is supposedly loaded with non-lethal rounds (such as teargas and smoke), while the stun baton is then used to break up the (hopefully non-effective) crowd. If need be, the unit is also equipped with a maxiscreamers, and the android is protected against the sound so that groups of them can be used in conjunction without falling prey to their own weapons.

Weight: 151 Cost: $120,950 Move: 8 cm Armour: 3 Damage: 5 Damage Bonus: +1
Equipment: Medium body, advanced brain, advanced sensors, communicator, rating 2 sound protection.
Weapons: 1x 20mm pedestrian GL (torso), 1x stun baton (right arm), 1x pedestrian maxiscreamer (torso).
Skills: Close Combat 2, Gunner 1, Knowledge - Function (law enforcement) 2.
Notes: Cost includes one load of HE grenades. Usually the are replaced with non-lethal rounds.

DE-902 Security Droid:
The DE-902 Security Droid is the latest in a long line of dedicated anti-intruder androids. The machine towers above a human for the intimidation factor, and its voice has a slight growl to it for that extra touch. The android is designed to guard installations and to stop intruders. An intruder is anyone not showing proper identification. After a single warning to show identification, the unit is authorised to use deadly force to repel them. With twin linked arm mounted miniguns and with a back-up of four 40mm RAG launchers, the DE-902 is well equipped to do this, even against a determined force of heavily armoured units.

Weight: 760 Cost: $200,500 Move: 8 cm Armour: 5 Damage: 16 Damage Bonus: +4
Equipment: Very large body, advanced brain, advanced sensors, communicator, 2x engine upgrades, 2x head-hunt modules, reinforced limbs (arms).
Weapons: 2x (linked) double loaded 5.56mm miniguns (one each arm), 4x 40mm RAG launchers (2 each arm).
Skills: Close Combat 1, Gunner 1, Knowledge - Function (security) 2.
Notes: No hands.

J-5 Tracked Security Droid:
The J-5 is a lightweight combat android built on tracked treads for greater mobility and all-terrain capability. Currently the unit is undergoing trials with several firms, hence the lack of several items that would be considered standard on production run models, such as head-hunt modules.

Weight: 360 Cost: $114,600 Armour: 4 Damage: 8 Damage Bonus: +3
Top Speed: 36 mph Acceleration: 9 mph Deceleration: 18 mph Handling: 3
Equipment: Medium body, advanced brain, communicator, 2x engine upgrades, brain shield, reinforced chassis, tracked locomotion.
Weapons: Swivel lightweight combat laser (left arm).
Skills: Drive 1, Gunner 1, Knowledge - Function (military) 1.

"Locust" Military Android:
The Locust is an experimental military android that is designed to be able to function on its own, and do it quickly. It is only armed with a couple of 4.2mm machine guns, but what part of the body isn't crammed with sensors is packed with engine upgrades enabling the Locust to live up its name. The speed also enables the Locust to survive in hostile environments by being able to scram quickly, which is good as the androids armour isn't very strong.

Weight: 400 Cost: $219,300 Move: 14 cm Armour: 2 Damage: 5 Damage Bonus: +2
Equipment: Medium body, advanced sensors, communicator, 7x engine upgrade, 6x head-hunt modules, independent brain.
Weapons: 2x (linked) 4.2mm lightweight machine guns (one each arm, flip and swivel mounts).
Skills: Close Combat 1, Gunner 3, Knowledge - Function (military) 3.
Notes: No hands.

Mjolnir Mark I Recon Android:
The Mjolnir Mark I Recon Android is a very sophisticated android. A human looking android, its role is infiltration and it does this very well. Highly skilled, reasonably armoured and covered in plaskin, the Mjolnir is very expensive and not to be thrown away in standard combats, but if it comes to fighting, the android is not one to shy away, able to use and operate all normal weapons and equipment that it might find along its path. It's interesting to note that the majority of Mjolnir androids are actually employed in friendly corporations, usually in the role of security officers, presumably to be able to repel enemies of that corporation if needed. Twin heavy pistols seem to be the favourite weapons of these androids.

Weight: 198 Cost: $345,900 Move: 8 cm Armour: 3 Damage: 7 Damage Bonus: +1
Equipment: Medium body, advanced sensors, brain shield, fireproof armour, independent brain, plaskin, rating 3 sound proof armour, reinforced chassis.
Weapons: None as standard.
Skills: Driver 4, Close Combat 4, Gunner 4, Thrown Weapons 4, Knowledge - Function (infiltration) 4.
Notes: The skill ratings listed above are the very minimum that a Mjolnir android would have, and a typical example of this android type would have a lot more general skills as well, enabling it to function in most situations. All of this bumping the cost up even more.

US Cavalry Security Android "Oskar":
The US Cavalry operate some combat androids, which are termed "Oskars". These aren't used much these days with the current attitude towards androids, but when used, they are very effective machines. Slightly slower than a human, they carry a thick armour shield, 2 long range lasers and a variety of crowd control and close combat devices. They usually operate in squads, and unknown to most people outside of the US Cavalry, the squad leader has a small tactical nuclear device embedded in their torso. If the action is going badly, then the tacnuke can be detonated. Obviously this would not be in civilian areas, but could be used when tackling actual enemy troops. The United Nations are still trying to get these banned, but so far with no joy.

Weight: 459 Cost: $270,300 Move: 7 cm Armour: 6 Damage: 15 Damage Bonus: +4
Equipment: Large body, advanced brain, advanced sensors, brain shield, communicator, 5x head-hunt modules, rating 4 sound protection, reinforced chassis, reinforced limbs (arms and legs), remote link.
Weapons: 2x linked laser carbines (head), 1x stun stick (right arm), 1 pedestrian maxiscreamer, 2x shock-stickers (each hand).
Skills: Close Combat 2, Gunner 2, Knowledge - Function (law enforcement) 2.

These are special devices that the Oskars possess. They are electro-stun devices that are the Oskars hands, thus if they are used, then the Oskar no longer possesses any hands and thus cannot use some items such as the stun baton. The Oskar unscrews its hand (although not requiring a hand to do this!), which then launches into the air to seek out its target. When used, the shock-stickers act like ranged weapons with the following characteristics:

    Range: 4Accuracy: +1Damage: *Shots: 1

If the weapon hits, then roll on the Taser Effect table with a +1 modifier. Unfortunately, the shock-stickers carry a sizeable jolt to them, and if a natural 6 is rolled for damage, then the pedestrian has been killed by a massive jolt of electricity.
They cost $5,000 and weigh 5 each.

The tacnuke is a last resort weapon that would be used to reverse a bad situation by destroying the enemy along with itself. Rarely used, but feared. This adds 50 to the weight of the android and about $1 million to the cost. When (if!) used, everything on the board and in play is destroyed. Jetcopters will crash as their electronics short out.

T-HK 01 Aerial Combat Android:
The T-HK 01 is an attempt to create a VTOL android with the ability to seek out and destroy enemy vehicles and armour. The unit is very fast and comes equipped with 6 linked RPGs, which gives it a lot of firepower but at the cost of combat endurance. While the unit has many advantages over other androids, its weakness is its light armour and rather fragile nature. Plans are underway to equip some test units with 50mm RAG missiles, but four of those more powerful units will make the unit a lot heavier and thus debate is out as to whether those weapons will actually be a benefit or not.

Weight: 355 Cost: $135,650 Armour: 3 Damage: 10 Damage Bonus: NA
Top Speed: 75 mph Acceleration: 20 mph Deceleration: 20 mph Handling: 2
Equipment: Large body, advanced brain, advanced sensors, communicator, 2x head-hunt modules, 2x engine upgrades, remote link, VTOL locomotion.
Weapons: 6x RPG (HE), linked in 3 groups of 2 rockets.
Skills: Pilot 2, Gunner 1, Knowledge - Function (military) 1.
Notes: No arms.

Valet Android:
Valet androids are rare as not many people trust them. But, if you have a cool $80,000 (less than the base price of a V12 Interceptor), then you can afford a valet android. Not one to take into a fight, but if you want your house looked after, drinks served correctly and someone to look after the pet, then the Valet android is for you. Not something to show around to your friends though, as they're difficult to repair. Because of this, some valet android owners also get their androids covered in plaskin.

Weight: 110 Cost: $80,000 Move: 10 cm Armour: 0 Damage: 5 Damage Bonus: +0
Equipment: Medium body, advanced brain.
Weapons: None as standard.
Skills: Knowledge - Function (valet) 4.

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